An Endorsement From Mom and Dad

Last night, I briefly wrote about my parents’ recent trip to Myrtle Beach. I expressed how nice it was to have all of Sloan’s grandparents in one place and how it really hit home to me the crucial role each one played in her existence.

I also addressed the best thing that came out of the journey my parents made to South Carolina: the love and care they bestowed on Sloan. In the same way that I experience a heartwarming feeling when I watch Sidney’s parents around Sloan, I felt the same with my folks. For several days I watched my mom and dad take such loving care of our daughter that it made my soul feel so happy.

The second best thing that came out of my parents’ trip wasn’t the lawn care my dad did, the home cooked meals my mom made, or the baby supplies they bought us. Rather, it was something they said.

Both my mom and dad told us that we are really good parents.

About a month ago, I wrote about my fears regarding whether I would be an adequate parent (I already knew that Sid would be an amazing mom). To have two people who you respect and who are incredible parents themselves give such a ringing endorsement is beyond comforting.

However, I won’t let it go to my head too much. I know I have a lot of work to do and many lessons to learn. But knowing that my parents observed Sidney and I in the same way that I observed them made me think that their comment wasn’t just an obligatory thing that moms and dads say to their kids. They really meant it.

Of course good parenting isn’t something that one can lay claim to simply because others observed it in a single moment or over the span of several days or even over a time period of many years. Rather, it is something that you have to prove day in and day out.

I plan to use the encouragement of my parents as motivation to always do my best for Sloan and never take a day off. With the amazing partner I already have in this “parenting game” I feel confident that if I do my part we will make good on the words of my mom and dad. Don’t Blink.

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