A Thursday Rundown For You To Read

Good evening! On the heels of a special weekend, I present to you my latest Thursday Rundown…

Arrival of Family – They are here! My mom and brother arrived in Myrtle Beach this afternoon. My mom is once again reunited with her grandchild and Uncle Glen had the pleasure of meeting Sloan for the first time. All is right with the world!

Grandma and Uncle Glen have arrived!

Sloan’s First Swimming Pool Experience – Our daughter LOVES baths. She sits happily in the water and doesn’t flinch while her mommy cleans her. Based on her performance in the bath tub, we thought we would go a step further. On Saturday, Sidney’s friends (and my new friends), Caylee and Kevin, invited us over to their house to swim. When the time seemed right, we gently ushered Sloan into the pool. She wasn’t quite ready. When Sidney dipped her little legs in the water, Sloan voiced her displeasure. Oh well, she still looked super cute in her swimsuit.

Sloan wasn’t too happy when we put her in the pool for the first time (thanks to Caylee for the photo).

An Amazing Southern City – Three years ago on this date, Sidney and I returned from a trip to Wilmington, North Carolina. I was so impressed with our weekend excursion. The charm and history of the city danced together with sweet grace, giving off an incredible vibe. Dare I say that I even liked it better than Charleston? Anyway, as you can tell, I remember our little adventure very fondly, and I am thankful to our friends, Kendra and Josh, for hosting us. Here is the post I wrote on June 22, 2014 reflecting on our experience.

Sidney and I enjoyed a great trip in Wilmington three years ago.

Sloan Photos…The Latest – Sloan turns 14 weeks tomorrow. On Sunday, the same day as her baptism, she will turn 100 days old! She is smiling all the time now and she continues to kick her feet continuously. One of her new habits is to put her hands into her mouth. She is our little bundle of joy!

Sloan is a very happy girl these days.

Bragging About CCU – We all know that Coastal Carolina University is on the rise. The campus is growing, applications are increasing, and the academic offerings are expanding. Also, CCU is now an FBS school and is still (at least for another week) home to the baseball national champions. But how about the impact the University has on our state? According to a brand new study, Coastal Carolina generated more than half a billion dollars for the state of South Carolina in 2016. For those willing to do the math, that is $1.5 millions dollars per day. I am proud to work at a college that not only excels in every area but also contributes to the state’s economy.

Coastal Carolina University is doing a lot to help the state of South Carolina.


Okay, I got to go hang out with my family now! Have a wonderful weekend. Don’t Blink.

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