Let’s Thursday Rundown It Up!

Good evening to everyone. I am back again with my Thursday Rundown blog post. Let’s get it all started…

Discontinued Candies – I follow a few click bait Facebook pages. One of them, a food page called Spoon University, recently published an article about candies from the 1990s that are now discontinued. I got a big kick out of scrolling through the list, reminiscing at some of the sweet treats I ate as a youngster that I can no longer eat today. My favorite candies that I miss the most from the list would be cookies and cream Twix bars and Butterfinger BB’s. Make sure to read the entire list by clicking here!

I used to really enjoy Butterfinger BB’s.

Incredible Gift – Today my wife surprised me with an early anniversary gift. This June, we will be attending the Carolina Country Music Fest. A three day festival in Myrtle Beach that brings the hottest stars of country music to town, I have been wanting to attend since it started in 2015. This year, the event will bring in Darius Rucker, Jason Aldean, Montgomery Gentry, Chris Young, Lee Brice, Kip Moore, Big + Rich, Billy Currington, and more. Oh yeah, there is another guy by the name of KENNY CHESNEY who will be performing as well. I have waited my whole life to see a Kenny Chesney concert so this will be a very big deal for me. Thank you so much to Sidney for getting us tickets!

I can’t wait to attend the Carolina Country Music Fest.

Wee Hours of the Night – If you ask any mom or dad of a newborn how they occupy their time in the middle of the night when they are up with their baby, you will get a million different answers. Some watch TV, some read, some answer e-mails, some clean, etc. After the Netflix series ended that Sidney and I watched the first week after Sloan was born, we turned to something else. We now watch music videos at 3 a.m. when we are changing her or waiting for her to go back to sleep. There is a certain channel that plays contemporary beats 24/7 and that is what we have our TV set on. You better believe that Sidney and I have become experts on the top 40 music scene.

Latest Sloan Photos – In my last Thursday Rundown, I warned that I would start devoting a piece of this weekly blog post to recent Sloan photos. Since I am no liar, here are some new ones…

Here are some of the photos I took recently of Sloan.

From the Archives – In the past, April 6 has not been a very exciting day for me because I have written some pretty lame blog posts. One year ago on this date I wrote about a technique I use to maintain discipline while at the movie theater (hint: it involves popcorn). Then, two years ago, I wrote a whole blog post about something that was installed on the Coastal Carolina campus that will always pay tribute to me. I don’t blame you if you decide to read neither.

I have a brick with my name (and blog) on it at Coastal Carolina University.


Tomorrow was the original due date for Sloan. I am so glad she came early! Have a great weekend. Don’t Blink.

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  1. Sloan just keeps getting prettier and prettier. I see her great grandaddy Sidney Mathis in her sweet face. Love your blogs

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