Q&A About “Don’t Blink,” Part II

A year ago, I engaged in a Q&A session regarding my blog. I receive questions all the time about Don’t Blink so I feel I owe it to my readers to at least answer some of them on an annual basis. Before reading today’s newest installment, I do encourage you to briefly read the first version I did in 2015.

I am serving up another helping of Don't Blink Q&A.

I am serving up another helping of Don’t Blink Q&A.

Q. Oh dang, it looks like we are doing this again. Why can’t you just pull the plug on Don’t Blink?
A. Although I had ten good reasons to do so, I just can’t let go. Blogging is a hobby for me and I enjoy doing it.

Q. What is your biggest criticism when it comes to your blog?
A. Without a doubt, it is that I am too nice! I don’t tread in controversial waters that much and I like to build people up rather than tear them down. The biggest human punching bag when it comes to my blog is myself. Critics tell me I need to put some substance into my writing and develop an attitude. However, it just isn’t in my nature. More importantly, my blog isn’t about firing people up. Some columnists and bloggers make a living getting people to hate them, but that is not me. Sorry for my lameness.

Q. Now that you are married, do you spend less time on your blog?
A. Believe it or not, I am pretty much spending the same amount of time. I still follow the rather intensive blogging schedule I have kept the past few years (writing Sunday – Thursday) but I try to do a better job of getting ahead. On Sunday mornings I plan my blogging schedule for the week as much as possible and even start developing some of the future posts. When I write in the evening during the week I will sometimes start the next day’s blog post right then. I get off work at 5 p.m. and on most nights Sidney and I are sitting down to dinner by 7 p.m.

Q. Have you met any of your readers before?
A. If you mean random people who read my blog in other states and countries, the answer is no. However, when I meet friends of friends or new people at work many times they will tell me that they read my blog. It is the best type of compliment! But when it comes to the randos across the globe, I haven’t met any of them…in person. I am lucky in the fact that I have become friends with many of my long distance readers on social media. When I receive an unfamiliar friend request on Facebook I no longer immediately reject it as spam. I enjoy the social media relationships I have with my dedicated Don’t Blink fans.

Q. Your writing has seemed to get worse and your posts more boring over the past year. Has your readership dropped dramatically?
A. There must be a market out there for bad writing because my readership has done the opposite. I am on pace to smash my readership levels from 2015. While I am not averaging a five digit number of views per day, I still routinely hit in the four digits.

Q. Speaking of readership, which blog post from 2016 has performed the best so far?
A. Without a doubt, it is my “The Truth Behind a Bar Rescue Experience” post. I was fortunate enough to have a person reach out directly to me who had appeared on the show. She gave me exclusive information regarding what went on behind the scenes and I made it into one of my most popular blog posts of all time. It has been featured on the national Server Memes Facebook page, “Bar Rescue” parody accounts, and other blogs.

Q. In general, is there a post your “regular” readers like the most?
A. Yes. Probably 80% of my hardcore readers tell me how much they enjoy my Thursday Rundowns. This makes me feel good because the Thursday Rundown posts are the easiest and least time consuming ones for me to write. Believe me, they aren’t going anywhere.

Q. In general, is there a post your “regular” readers dislike the most?
A. Based on the verbal feedback I have received (especially from my mom) and based on straight statistical evidence, my posts that deal with social media developments aren’t always met with overwhelming enthusiasm. However, I can’t help it. Every now and then I have to talk about my trade. Whenever I write a technical social media post I know I am going to take a bath in it regarding readership. But that is okay because I like to have my thoughts recorded regarding the profession I work in.

Q. Do you have any big blog posts planned for the remaining portion of 2016?
A. Yes I do. Keep reading to find out! With that said, you can also look forward to more takeover blog posts from Sidney. Although it is a hassle to convince her to write each month, her posts always perform exceptionally well. My family continues to tell me that she should take my blog over permanently.

Q. Do you have anything to add?
A. Sure. I am going to stick with my answer from last time….Don’t Blink.

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