Don’t Blink Q&A – 2022 Edition

The Don’t Blink mailbox is starting to fill up given I have not answered any letters since 2016. But tonight I am in the mood to respond to a select few of the overflowing envelopes. So let’s get started.

Tonight I answer your questions about my blog.

Q. I thought you were going to quit blogging after you had kids? Or, at least that is what we hoped…

A. Well, that was the plan. But then I realized all the fun and noteworthy content that my children gave me to write about. I couldn’t leave all that content gold on the table.

Q. But what about after you celebrated your 10th anniversary of Don’t Blink? Don’t you think that was the perfect time to pull the plug?

A. I considered it. Ultimately, I decided to keep writing because the truth is that I am still in a decent blogging rhythm. It might cost me some sleep, but I am still able to carve out time to write a few times a week. Blogging is a hobby of mine so why walk away? It’s not like it costs the same amount to write a blog post as it does to play a round of golf.

Q. Speaking of “carving out” time, when do you have time to write your posts these days?

A. I made the pledge not to write when my children are awake because the last thing I want to do is stab at a keyboard when I could be playing with them. So I either write after they go to sleep or really early in the morning after I return from the gym.

Q. What is the difference between your blogging process 10 years ago and your blogging process today?

A. Quite frankly, I spend less time today. I write shorter posts, tackle less complex topics, and pen fewer blog posts in general. Although getting married and having kids couldn’t stop me from writing, it could slow down the volume I was producing.

Q. Over the years you have established some Don’t Blink annual pieces. Can you remind us of those?

A. Sure, glad you asked. Most of them come toward the end of year. I always write about my top five favorite songs of the year. I also select an annual recommended gift for the holiday season for readers looking for a useful and inexpensive item to give their loved ones. Then of course you have my top 10 blogs posts of the year and my Dec. 31 wrap up post.

Q. Many years ago you gave us a boring answer about your favorite blog posts. You said something about particularly enjoying the pieces you write about people. Is that still the case?

A. You bet it is! In fact, since I last addressed this question, I have written several more profile and in remembrance pieces. These are labors of love and my favorites.

Q. Ever consider getting with the times and converting your blog to a vlog or podcast?

A. I don’t have the voice nor the looks (not to mention the editing time) for those content forms so you are stuck with the written word when it comes to Don’t Blink.

Q. Your blog is pretty cool, daddy!

A. That is the best non-question I have ever answered. Thanks, Sloan and Beau. Don’t Blink.

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