We’re Not Young

This is the video that is the focus of this blog post

The song “We Are Young” by Fun never really grew on me. In fact, I seemed to hate it a little bit more each time I heard it. Seemed to me like the group was trying a little too hard to be different. Also, it seemed like my friends who liked the song had an affinity for it because they thought listening to it made them a little more cultured when it comes to music. Seriously, just go listen to country.

Usually, if I don’t like an original song I am not going to really care for the parody. While lyrics play a large role of any song, if the music and beat is bad, I most likely will not listen. If I buy a Weird Al album it better have several parodies of songs I actually enjoy or else I will pass. But,  there is always an exception.
Last week Yahoo released a parody of “We Are Young” called “We’re Not Young.” The video went viral very quickly and by this time it seems like everyone has watched it.  For despising the original so much, I have a love-hate relationship with “We’re Not Young.”
“We’re Not Young” obviously flips the message of the original and talks more about the hardships of getting older rather than the anything goes attitude of people a little younger. Specifically, the parody makes fun of people in their thirties and brings to light many of the not so glamorous events, attitudes, challenges, and responses that people in this age demographic go through. “We’re Not Young” is a true parody in that both the song and the music video spin off of “We Are Young.” Honestly, you need to watch the video. The lyrics and scenes are hilarious, you will be laughing throughout the whole thing. Issues such as weight gain, laziness, employment, empty relationships, and alcoholism are all brought up. The singers/actors in the video do a great job and I guarantee that you will watch it more than once. I have watched/listened to it so much that I now am totally accustomed to the parody over the original. If I am in my car and “We Are Young” comes on it just does not seem right to me.
A few of my co-workers and I watched the video together and could not stop laughing. We had a great time identifying what parts of the song were direct reflections of us and then also what parts fit our other co-workers and friends to a T. Watching the video with other people around you is much more fun than just watching by yourself. Okay, let me explain…
So while the “We’re Not Young” parody is very funny and creative it is also very depressing. It basically sheds light on the grim reality of being in your thirties and realizing that you are a total loser…scary.  Although I am still just twenty-five, I feel like I identified with that song a couple more ways than what I would like (besides just the “start a blog” line). While watching the video half of me was laughing while the other half of me was pretty concerned. If you read my blog much, youknow that I have a little bit of a phobia with getting older. Well, “We’re Not Young” did nothing to calm those fears. I admit it, the song was a reality check for me and sent the message that I have some work to do if I don’t want to end up like the people in that video.
If you want a mix of emotions, take a look at “We’re Not Young.” Not only does it improve greatly upon a terrible song, it offers some great life insight while delivering many laughs. All I can say is that if you are my age or older, you might want to have a beer or a tub of ice cream with you to indulge in after watching because you are probably going to need something to make you feel a little better about yourself. Try not to take it too hard. Don’t Blink.

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