Vegas in December!

Call me obsessed, call me addicted, call me predictable, but this morning I am hopping on a plane and going back to pretty much my most favorite place in the world, Las Vegas.
Kind of weird, but this go around has not carried with it as much build up and anticipation as the previous Vegas trips have. This is not due to lack of excitement though. In reality, I have just been too busy at work to really look ahead to anything and my actual Vegas trip remained in doubt until this past Saturday. You see, Montana stormed their way into the FCS semifinals last Friday night in one of the most memorable football games I have ever been part of. This set the possible stage for us to host yet another home playoff game this upcoming Friday. Whether we hosted that playoff game or not depended on the outcome of the Sam Houston State vs. Montana State game that was played last Saturday. If SHSU won, we would not host…If Montana State won, we would host. If SHSU won, I was going to Vegas, if Montana State won, I was staying in Missoula and working the biggest football game to ever be played in the state. Well, Montana State LOST…terribly. That punched my ticket to Vegas.
I am going to Las Vegas with my brother. If you have ever dabbled for even a few minutes in my blog before, you know how close I am to him. Glen and I fly out this morning (Thursday) at 6:05am and we will return on Sunday. We are staying at Harrahs. Having given my business to multiple properties along the Vegas strip over the past few years, this time I wanted to just stay at a low key place that is centrally located. Harrahs fits that bill perfectly for my brother and I.
I look at this to be a little more toned down and relaxing Vegas trip than the ones I have taken in the past. Glen and I are just going to have a brothers’ weekend of gambling, drinking,  and people watching. No high end clubs or glitzy bars in the agenda this time. For me, I can’t wait to get off to a warmer place and just enjoy myself for a few days. Because of the nature of my profession I will still be working from inside the hotel off and on but I have no reservations about it. I can’t wait to wear my maroon and silver all day on the strip tomorrow and then cheer my ass off for the Griz in whatever establishment we decide to watch the game at as Montana takes on Sam Houston State in the FCS semifinal.
So wish me good luck in Vegas! Follow me on Twitter at @BrentR7 for continuous (don’t say I did not warn you…I meant it when I say continuous) updates about my trip. Have a great weekend everyone. Don’t Blink.
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