The Verdict on Beau’s T-Ball Season

Beau’s first season of organized sports is in the books. His t-ball season came to an end last night in a rain-shortened half inning game.

Beau played his first season of organized sports this spring as he suited up for the “Team Navy” t-ball team.

What can I say about the season? Well, I know Beau had fun. However, the entertainment didn’t come directly from hitting the ball and playing catch. Rather, it was derived from horse playing with the other boys on the team. Beau loved to run, wrestle, and goof off with his teammates. He looked forward to going to the games but the t-ball aspect definitely wasn’t the main draw.

Beau mastered running around the bases.

As Sidney and I look back on Beau’s first season, we both agree that we might have started him a year too early. I really wanted to get him involved but his attention span didn’t seem quite up to the task. If you watch this highlight video of him, you will see he liked playing with dirt and pulling grass just as much (actually, probably more) than actual t-ball tasks.

One thing is for sure, Beau brought constant smiles to the faces of the coaching staff.

His coordination still needs some work, too. He could hit the ball really well but his lack of hand-eye coordination prevented him from consistently catching the ball with his glove. Throwing was hit and miss—mostly miss 😂.

Beau had the chance to play catcher a couple different times.

Beau needs the next 52 weeks to grow into his uniform. On a team with kids as old as 6, my 4-year-old son was the youngest on the team. He still connected really well with his teammates but he lacked some of the experience and skill that others possessed while we did everything we could to keep his pants from falling down.

Thanks to grandma and papa for coming to so many of Beau’s games!

It was a 10-game season for Beau. He made every game and honored his commitment. We didn’t have the best weather for most of the contests but we always had the best snacks. I think Beau will return to t-ball next year a much more focused and skilled player. Until then, we are going to enjoy the off-season. Don’t Blink.

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