Century Thursday Rundown

I took Wednesday off from blogging so I could be 100% ready and fresh for this Thursday Rundown! So let’s get started…

100th Day of School – On Tuesday, Sloan celebrated the 100th Day of School in her first grade class. Each student brought in 100 items of something. Sloan opted for raffle tickets that she found at grandma and papa’s house. Although Sloan did all the gluing and counting, papa helped her with the heading on her poster board.

Sloan with her 100 Days of School poster board and crown.

Special Baptism – This past Sunday, our family headed to Idaho for the baptism of Graham Schafer. The little guy is the son of Kailey and Corbin Schafer, the first couple that we ever mentored for marriage and Graham is the first child born from one of our mentorships. The baptism took place at St. George’s Catholic Church in Post Falls, Idaho, with Fr. Sleeva Madanu presiding. After Fr. Madanu had administered the sacrament he looked at everyone with astonishment and said that Graham was the first baby he baptized who just laughed when the water was poured over him and the sacred oils applied.

Graham Schafer was baptized at St. George’s in Post Falls, Idaho, on Feb. 18, 2024, by Fr. Sleeva Madanu

Pizza Night – Earlier this week, I wrote about classic dinners I enjoyed during my childhood and homemade pizza was one of them. I think that blog post inspired me to have our third homemade pizza night as a family yesterday evening. Although I cheated this time a little bit by purchasing pre-made crusts, we still had a lot of fun. The kids made their pepperoni pie while Sid and I made a white sauce pizza on thin crust. It was chef’s kiss.

Homemade pizza night was delicious and fun!

National California Day – Despite the close proximity of California to Washington, I haven’t actually spent much time there in my lifetime. However, my most memorable time in the Golden State was when my family took an epic vacation there while I was in elementary school. We went to Disneyland, Hollywood Studios, and Sea World and had the absolute best time. We didn’t go on too many vacations when we were little but this one packed enough memories to cover years.

My All-American – I usually view my mom’s movie recommendations with a sense of skepticism, but her latest suggestion hit the mark. “My All-American” is the true story about Freddie Steinmark, a special athlete who despite his short statue was able to beat the odds and earn a football scholarship from the University of Texas. I can’t say much more because it will give the movie away but it is a very touching film and Steinmark proves to be a tremendous role model, especially for undersized teens who feel they can’t compete with more physically-blessed peers. BUT, it is so much more than a sports movie and Steinmark also serves as a role model for just the general underdog. If you have a Netflix account and a couple hours this weekend, I recommend that you watch it.

I enjoyed “My All-American.”


Thanks again for taking time to read Don’t Blink. The last weekend of February is upon us so make it count. Last but not least, special shoutout to my friend Lindsi who is celebrating National Margarita Day. If you know, you know. Don’t Blink.

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