Thanksgiving 2023

I hope everyone had an awesome Thanksgiving weekend! Speaking of Thanksgiving weekend, it is usually my custom to write a recap of ours. However, as many of you know, I am currently in Myrtle Beach. I will eventually write a recap of our time in South Carolina and that summary will include the Thanksgiving weekend. So in order to not duplicate efforts, tonight’s post will just focus on our awesome Thanksgiving day. With all that said, let’s begin…

The four of us, Sidney’s sister, her husband, their son, and my in-laws pose for a photo outside the barn on Thanksgiving Day.

My Thanksgiving started with a workout at Iron Legacy Gym. It was my feeble attempt to justify the exorbitant overeating that would take place later in the day but I don’t even think running a marathon would cover the calories I would consume. Nonetheless, it was a packed gym as other like-minded people (but probably with more self-control) gathered to exercise and get the endorphins flowing.

My Thanksgiving started at Iron Legacy Gym.

When I returned to my in-laws’ home, it was all about the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade. Our family tradition continued as we watched the floats, Broadway acts, and musical performances. There was something for all four of us although I think we all scratched our heads at the Broadway skit devoted entirely to corn.

Our family enjoying the 2023 Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade.

By the time Santa was about to make his parade entrance, we were off to our Thanksgiving gathering. We drove to Conway to the property of my brother-in-law’s (the husband of Sidney’s sister) parents. John Henry’s mom and dad always host a large Thanksgiving feast for extended family and friends in the barn! The menu included fried turkey, chicken bog, mac and cheese, and a barbecue pig! It was a true Southern Thanksgiving and every bite was delicious.

The scene of our Thanksgiving gathering. Thanks to John Henry’s parents for hosting us…it was such a good time!

After dessert, Sloan and Beau hopped on a tractor operated by John Henry’s dad for an exciting joyride. Sid and I then joined the kids on a flatbed trailer pulled by an ATV driven by—you guessed it—John Henry’s dad 😂. The journey took us through the wooded areas of the property. The sun decided to shine on Thanksgiving as the rays shooting through the trees added to the beautiful scenery.

Sloan, their cousin, Jack, and Beau, enjoy an ATV ride on Thanksgiving Day.

We returned to my in-law’s home and had the most perfect afternoon/evening. The four of us Resers and Sid’s parents hung out in the living room and watched football, read our books, and visited. It was such a relaxing end to a very nice day.

A peek at the pig that was part of our Thanksgiving spread.

Thanks be to God for so many blessings. Don’t Blink.

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