Heading to Myrtle Beach for Thanksgiving

It will be a memorable Thanksgiving for sure!

After nearly two years, we are returning to Myrtle Beach for this special holiday week. The four of us are at the Spokane Airport and ready to fly through the night skies to the other side of the country. By early morning we will be in South Carolina.

I know Sidney is excited to return to the place she was born and raised. Sloan and Beau are ready to see their east coast grandparents, aunts, and uncles AND play with their cousins! I am looking forward to stepping foot on the Grand Strand soil that provided me with too many blessings to count.

We are at the Spokane Airport waiting to depart to the east coast.

Yes, it will be awesome to spend a holiday that is epitomized by family with my wife’s family. We have a lot of catching up to do and can’t wait to spend quality time with them.

The trip will also allow us to worship at the parish where both our children were baptized. Additionally, we will take some time to hang with friends who are forever special to us. Oh yeah, we might also be hitting up some spots that can whip up certain delicacies that we just can’t get out here in Washington.

So here we go…just 3,000 short miles separate us from sunny (or rainy) Myrtle Beach. I hear these pilots want to fly fast tonight. Please pray for a safe journey. Don’t Blink.

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