Odd Man Out

An unsettling and inexplicable moment occurred at work yesterday. A Zoom meeting that had been scheduled for a long time with various people from our department was to begin at 1:30 p.m. I logged in right before the start time to discover that I was the only one in the meeting. I thought it was a little strange because naturally you have some people who are always early. Oh well, I thought.

A couple moments passed and no one else had joined the meeting. It was now 1:32 p.m. I quickly logged in and logged out of the meeting but I was still the only one in the virtual room. Then the Slack messages started coming asking if I was going to join the meeting. I frantically started to log in/out several more times while double checking links, re-starting Zoom, and switching browsers. Nothing worked. It was now 1:35 p.m. In a last-ditch effort to come up with a solution, I tried to invite everyone to my meeting room. However, two people were logged into the meeting from inside a conference room and couldn’t access my link.

At 1:37 p.m. my boss made an entirely new Zoom invite, sent it out, and thankfully I was able to log in. I had absolutely no idea why this freak occurrence had transpired in that when I logged into a Zoom meeting with the same link as all attendees that I was separated from everyone else. I told my colleagues on the new call that it was better that it happen now instead of that day when I meet with our university president (which of course no future meeting exists 😂).

This experience touched on all the fears that a Type-A individual like me harbors, namely failing to be punctual and loss of all control. It wasn’t unlike the recurring theme that I chronicled four years ago of me wandering the halls of an unfamiliar high school, unable to find the classroom that I need to report to so I can take a test I am completely unprepared for. Only this instance was real.

Hopefully this Zoom anomaly doesn’t occur again. It is unnerving that I don’t know why it happened. Thankfully, despite my anxiety during the troubleshooting, I was able to attend the meeting and life did go on. Shout-out to my patient colleagues! Don’t Blink.

One thought on “Odd Man Out

  1. Ha…got ya beat — I accidentally pulled up an old link for a recurring monthly Zoom meeting last week, and it mentioned an actual meeting location at the office – so I got up early to be in person at the office before 7, to find the building completely empty, no cars in the lot, totally dark…..called in on my cell phone and joined as I drove home then logged into Zoom

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