For Par Thursday Rundown

The time has come for my latest Thursday Rundown and the final one of July. Let’s get this party started with five topics…

Froyo Date – Back in June, I wrote about a list Sloan made for school that detailed her summer plans. An item on that list indicated she wanted to “Eat at Froyo Earth on 7-3-23 at 10:20.” Although we were over three weeks late, Sloan finally had her froyo with Robbie, the classmate she made the intention with. It was awesome to get the two together and see the plans they made actually materialize!

Robbie and Sloan at the froyo outing they organized.

Golf Night – On Friday evening I dusted off the golf clubs. My childhood best friend asked me to play a round after work at Deer Park Golf Club. With a 6:30 p.m. tee time, the course was pretty quiet by the time we got on it. We had a fantastic time catching up and swinging the sticks. As for my golf game? Terrible!

It was a lot of fun to play golf with John at Deer Park Golf Club.

Crazy Price Difference – When picking up a certain over the counter medicine (sorry for TMI) at our neighborhood grocery store, I couldn’t believe the price difference between the premium and generic products. Now granted the Imodium had more caplets than the generic but that price gap of $13.80 was pretty intense. I will always buy generic name brand medication over premium but unfortunately it wasn’t an option this time. Evidently everyone else had already made the sane decision to pass on a $15.19 product in favor of a $1.39 one.

The price difference is just bonkers.

Stream of Week: Bling Ring – Way back at the beginning of our relationship, Sidney and I watched the movie “Bling Ring.” It was based on the true life events of Los Angeles teenagers who broke into the homes of multiple Hollywood celebrities and stole their stuff. Fast forward nearly a decade since we watched the movie and we recently finished up Netflix’s “The Real Bling Ring” docuseries. Over the course of three episodes, two of the actual perpetrators are brutally honest about their crimes. Although they are now repentant, you will be knocked off your feet by the audacity, entitlement, and thirst for fame they had while committing the crimes.

It was interesting to hear Alexis and Nick tell their stories.

Pet Rock – I was today years old when I learned that “pet rocks” used to be a thing. I guess in 1975 a guy came up with the concept when after his friends complained about the significant commitment of owning a pet. This entrepreneur wanted to find a “pet” that didn’t require such strenuous care. The dude sold 1.5 million pet rocks in a short period of time before the fad slowed down. Sidney and Sloan keep asking for a pet…I wonder if a rock will pacify them?

This guy became a millionaire because he sold pet rocks.


Huge weekend for our family coming up but more on that later. I hope everyone is able to enjoy these last remaining July days. Don’t Blink.

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