My Nerdy Hotel Preferences

When it comes to a hotel, I think a lot of us take note of a few common things before making a reservation. What is the continental breakfast like? Does it have a pool? Is the fitness center decent? What about parking?

All of these are important amenities that I pay attention to. However, there is a handful of intangibles that a nerd like myself values more than most. So, if I was to build a hotel, here are five things that each room would come equipped with…

As you will see, my hotel room preferences get about as bougie as wanting a desk.

Powerful Shower Head – It’s all about the pressure. My hotel room could have a walk-in shower with eight different types of body wash but if the water comes out in a trickle I am going to critically mention it in my Google Review. I love a shower head that exerts water at such a forceful rate that you can’t help but feel that you are getting really clean.

Desk – I am a journaler who needs a suitable hard surface to write. A sturdy and spacious desk is much appreciated and utilized by me. It also becomes my dumping ground for my wallet, room key, spare change, and other miscellaneous pocket items. In the current hospitality climate of “less is more” in hotel rooms, it isn’t surprising to walk into a desk-less room. That makes me cranky.

Complimentary Bottled Water – Sorry if I sound stuck up, but I am not a big fan of hotel bathroom sink tap water. At the other end of the spectrum, I am not grabbing the bottled water that has a $5 price tag wrapped around it. I always feel so grateful to the hotels that do leave complimentary bottles of water for guests inside the room. I can’t sleep without water at my bedside and I naturally prefer the kind that doesn’t taste like chlorine and comes in a bottle that I don’t have to pay an arm and a leg for.

Pen and Paper – I go through pens like crazy so I always geek out when the hotel has a couple waiting for me when I walk in. I use the hotel branded paper to write notes of thanks to housekeeping and then I bring the remaining pad home to my children as a souvenir (yes, call me cheap).

Sink and Mirror in the Bathroom – This is me being a little high maintenance, but I strongly believe that the bathroom sink and bathroom mirror should actually be located in the BATHROOM.


I don’t need an omelette bar or an infinity pool, I just need a couple pens and some water pressure. Do you have any hotel room preferences? Don’t Blink.

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