Wine Thursday Rundown

Hello again friends. I know I always act surprised when a new month is around the corner, but can you believe that next week’s Thursday Rundown will be published in June? But for the time being let’s not worry about next month and instead focus on this month with tonight’s rundown. Here are five topics…

National Wine Day – Happy National Wine Day to all my wine connoisseur friends who enjoy nothing more than curling up on the couch with a glass (or two). However, you won’t find me celebrating. I have been pretty vocal about my distaste for wine, going as far as to include it on my famous The Drinks I Hate list. I find wine too complicated for a simple dude like myself. I like my drinks to be refreshing and wine is definitely not a beverage you drink to satisfy your thirst. I admit it, when it comes to this “holiday” I am a scrooge.

I received a Total Wine gift card for Christmas and I love the store! But I won’t be using it to buy wine 😉

Lilac Parade – Last Saturday, I took the kids to Spokane’s Armed Forces Torchlight Lilac Parade. The day set a city record for hottest May 20 ever which boded well for a night parade. We met my sister and her children for the event that features floats, military personnel/vehicles, and high school bands. After taking Sloan to last year’s parade, Beau got to experience it for the first time this go-around. Everyone had a blast and the kids had no problem returning to the house at 11 p.m.

Beau and Sloan at the 2023 Lilac Parade on Saturday night.

A Man Called Otto – Sidney and I recently watched “A Man Called Otto” on Netflix. Starring Tom Hanks, the film originated in theaters but is now available to stream. The whole time I watched it, I couldn’t help but think this just an updated version of Gran Torino. Not saying that is a bad thing because I thought “Gran Torino” was an awesome movie and I felt the same way about “A Man Called Otto.” Tom Hanks plays a bitter aging man who is eventually able to make peace with the world because of some people who come into his life. Hanks is great in the film and I would 100% recommend it if you are looking for a movie to watch with your spouse this Memorial Day weekend.

Sidney and I enjoyed watching “A Man Called Otto.”

Spirit Week – St. Mary School just wrapped up Spirit Week. It started with Mismatch/Crazy Hair Day on Monday, Career Day on Tuesday, Sports Day on Wednesday, and concluded with Decade Day today. Sloan participated each day and enjoyed the opportunity to take a break from wearing her uniform.

Sloan on Mismatch/Crazy Hair Day of Spirit Week at St. Mary School.

Classic Chinese Restaurant Experience – There is nothing better than an excellent outing at the local Chinese restaurant. Last Friday night we ate at the Dragon Inn on Sprague in Spokane for the first time. It had everything from a marquee with an inspiring message to a fountain with a dragon emerging from it to a yummy sweet and sour sauce. Did it stand out enough for us to go out of our way to visit again soon? No, but if we are ever in the area and hungry we will definitely consider walking through the doors.

We had a decent experience at Dragon Inn in Spokane Valley on Sprague.


That will wrap things up. If you enjoyed this blog post with a glass of wine, more power to you! Stay safe out there and let’s pray for kindness and civility in our country. Don’t Blink.

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