Observations About Sloan’s First Froyo Experience

For months now, Sloan has asked if we could stop at a froyo place we pass every day after school. Yesterday, it just so happened that the Memorial Day holiday combined with the hot temperatures proved to be the perfect time to go. So, Sloan and Beau hopped in my car and we drove to Froyo Earth in the Spokane Valley.

Most of you probably didn’t know that about a decade ago I was a froyo connoisseur. Although I am no longer an expert on the frozen yogurt scene, you probably aren’t surprised that I have some observations from yesterday’s experience…

Yesterday, we visited the Froyo Earth location in the Spokane Valley.

Kids choose weird flavors. Sloan opted for the dynamic and agreeable froyo combination of cake batter and watermelon sorbet.

Kids choose even weirder toppings. To go on top of her exquisitely paired flavors, she chose peach sugar rings, boba pearls, and marshmallows.

Sloan putting peach rings on her froyo.

Fun and games. It was something along the lines of “Monday Guess Day” where you could guess the weight of your froyo at the scale. Those who correctly guessed to the nearest ounce received their treat for free. My estimate was seven ounces over.

Pricey. Sloan and I each grabbed the smallest cup and filled it with a modest amount of ice cream but the bill was still more than $12.

But what about Beau? Our 3-year-old was so exhausted with our day that included stops at three parks and water toy fun in our backyard that he slept in my arms the entire time we were in Froyo Earth.

You Gotta Be Kidding. A month after I wrote my passionate post about the absurdity of current tip culture, I was flipped a tip screen for our $12 bill…at a froyo shop. Yes, the froyo shop where I did everything myself to help a giddy 6-year-old girl fill her cup while I tried to fill my own at the same time that I held a toddler in my arm.

Almost worth it. Hats off to Froyo Earth, our frozen yogurt was delicious. Texture was on-point, the flavor was strong, and the toppings fresh. But for $12 should I have expected anything less?

On second thought… Maybe I am being too much of a scrooge. The visit was in fact worth it because Sloan was on the moon. She loved her froyo as she ate every bite with a smile while constantly saying, “This is the best day ever!”

Sloan had such a cool time at Froyo Earth that it made the price and tip solicitation worth it.


I had the urge to go through the yogurt line again but thankfully self-control and financial responsibility won out. Through the positives and negatives of the experience, the ultimate silver lining was that Sloan had a special time. Don’t Blink.

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