I’ve Created A Monster!

“I’ve created a monster!”

By the end of Easter Sunday, my wife was about ready to knock out her mad scientist husband as I had ceased to stop using that line. I was so thrilled with my Easter dessert that I found every opportunity to enthusiastically exclaim the phrase to anyone within earshot.

First, a quick backstory: Last year at Easter I introduced my funfetti dip to the world. It was met with so much acclaim that I decided I would make another dessert dip this year. Sidney sent me a link with 27 different sweet dip ideas that I had too much fun scrolling through trying to find the perfect recipe for Sunday.

After much deliberation, I opted for MONSTER DIP. The idea of the recipe is to replicate a batch of homemade monster cookies in dip form. Well, I am always up for a good challenge!

Only it really wasn’t that much of a challenge at all 😊 The recipe is pretty straight forward. I started by mixing peanut butter, cream cheese, and butter. I then added powdered sugar, flour, brown sugar, and oats. After that was thoroughly mixed I dropped in chocolate chips and pastel-colored M&Ms. It took a single sample to know I had created a delicious treat that Frankenstein would love. I put the dip in the refrigerator until it was time to bring over to my parents.

This was the MONSTER DIP I made.

The refrigeration of the dip seemed to make it come alive even more as it tasted even better once we got to my mom and dad’s house. I paired the dip with vanilla wafers but to be honest they were kind of unnecessary. Although MONSTER DIP is branded as a “dip,” it is so thick and sweet that the best way to consume it is by the spoonful.

If I had to make a tweak, I would probably add more oats. I think it would improve the texture just a bit and make it resemble a monster cookie even more. With that said, I still think the dip receives a “chef’s kiss” rating.

I paired the MONSTER DIP with vanilla wafers but they really aren’t needed.

We still have MONSTER DIP left and I have made refrigerator raids on it every day since Easter. I am sure Sidney wishes I just hurry up and finish it off so I no longer have an excuse to exclaim, “I’ve created a monster!” Don’t Blink.

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