Funfetti Thursday Rundown

It is that time of the week when I brainstorm five topics that no one cares about and throw them together to form a Thursday Rundown blog post. Alright then, let’s go…

Funfetti Dip – Earlier this week I teased this dip when writing about how we spent our Easter Sunday. The dip I speak of is called Funfetti Cake Batter Dip and it is simply incredible. I got the recipe from a Facebook post that my cousin shared and I held on to it for about four weeks before making it for our Easter celebration. You just need funfetti cake mix, whipped cream, cream cheese, and heavy whipping cream. If you are more civilized than simply eating the dip with a spoon (because it is good enough to do so), consider using graham crackers or animal crackers for dipping. It turned out way better than I thought it would and my family loved it.

This funfetti dessert dip was delicious!

Half Decade Later – April 22 is a date that never goes unrecognized in our house. It was five years ago tomorrow that Sloan underwent corrective pyloric stenosis surgery. At just a month old she was having a serious operation because she couldn’t keep food down. You can read about Sloan’s bout with pyloric stenosis or watch this video I put together last year. Needless to say, Dr. Robert Cina is a rock star surgeon who will always have a permanent spot in our nightly prayers.

During Sloan’s bout with Pyloric Stenosis and for over a year afterwards, we kept it between immediate family. Sidney and I are so thankful for the support of our parents. This photo shows our moms and dads with Sloan at MUSC.

The 2022 Easter Bunny – I once wrote a blog post about the weirdness of costumed Easter Bunnies. Let’s face it, we have probably all come across an Easter Bunny or two that looked like it belonged more in a horror movie than a chair at the mall. With that said, I have to give high marks to the Easter Bunny that Sloan posed with this year for actually looking somewhat normal.

Sloan with a rather normal looking Easter Bunny at the 2022 Camelot Easter Egg Hunt.

Red Robin Headache – After Sloan’s t-ball practice on Tuesday, the four of us went to the northside Red Robin for dinner. What should have been a relaxing meal turned into mild chaos. Beau wouldn’t stay in his booster seat and when he made a sudden move to dip his fry in some ketchup, he knocked over his chocolate milk glass. The contents of the glass spilled across the table and then overflowed onto my lap. The mishap kept me damp for the entire dinner but luckily the Sprite that Sloan knocked over only drenched the table and not my pants.

Despite the snafus we faced at dinner, Beau got a Red Robin balloon and went home happy.

The Little Things – Make sure to get yourself a wife who will brighten your day with little surprises. When we were in Walla Walla a couple weeks ago, Sidney secretly bought this chocolate cross sucker and gave it to me on Easter. It was just such a sweet thing to do.

I really appreciated this little Easter surprise from Sidney.


It’s time to wrap things up for tonight. We have an exhilarating weekend on the horizon so I need to get some rest. Thanks for reading and we will connect again soon. Don’t Blink.

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