A Walla Walla 60th Birthday Party Weekend

This past weekend we were in Walla Walla again. We were there previously in February but that was a tough trip—we were there for my Aunt Nancy’s funeral. This time around we were centering a family weekend around my Aunt Debbie’s 60th birthday. Although Nancy was still ever present in our hearts and minds, this trip had a few more smiles than the last one (quick video of the weekend).

We traveled to Walla Walla to celebrate my Aunt Debbie’s 60th birthday.

Sidney, Sloan, Beau, and I drove to Walla Walla on Friday afternoon. We met up with my parents, my sister, and her family at the Holiday Inn Express. After we checked in and got settled, we went out to dinner—well, everyone but my dad. The poor guy had caught a stomach bug and would be confined to his hotel room’s bathroom for most of the weekend.

Sloan and Beau arrived to our hotel room in style!

We ate dinner at a downtown restaurant called the Red Monkey. It was really nice for our mid-size group to sit down and enjoy a meal together. Sloan and Beau always love it when they can dine with their cousins, Mikayla and John.

At the Red Monkey in Downtown Walla Walla I had the ultimate grilled cheese and mac & cheese.

After we returned from dinner I took Sloan to the hotel pool where we met Miranda, Jay, Mik, and John. The kids played in the swimming pool while the adults relaxed and chatted in the hot tub.

The kids had a nice night swim.

The next morning all of us met for the complimentary (and very impressive) breakfast. Despite the junior college baseball team that had us beat both in numbers and overall appetite, we took advantage of the many offerings and had our fill. It was a good way to start the day.

Sloan and Johnny stoked for the Holiday Inn Express breakfast.

After our food settled, Miranda, Jay, Sid, and I took our kids back to the pool area for swimming and hot tub lounging. Just like the night before, both children and adults were content in their respective waters.

Sloan and Johnny jump into the Holiday Inn Express pool.

We changed out of our bathing suits for street clothes and the eight of us went to the Walla Walla Children’s Museum to pass some time. The indoor exhibits were all really cool but our kids really liked what awaited them in the outdoor back area of the center. The lot had a teepee, sand boxes, and an old Milton-Freewater fire truck that the kids could climb inside and on top of. That gave them a lot of entertainment.

Sloan, Mikayla, and Johnny play on the top of the Milton-Freewater fire truck at the Walla Walla Children’s Museum.

Once we left the museum, Sid, Sloan, Beau, and I went to Applebee’s for lunch. It was a nice, quiet, and relaxing time with just the four of us, the perfect break in what was a busy day.

Enjoying lunch at the Walla Walla Applebee’s.

After we ate we returned to the hotel and relaxed for about an hour before heading off to the main event. My Aunt Judy had reserved the indoor community center at the famous Pioneer Park for my Aunt Debbie’s party. About 40 Resers and friends were there to welcome my aunt to the 60 Club. Dang, it was a fun time. We had hot dogs, snapped photos at the photo booth, played games, drank beverages, and celebrated Debbie.

Sidney and I posing in front of my Aunt’s 60th birthday backdrop.

Oh yeah, there was also an Easter egg hunt for the kids.

Sloan looks for eggs during the Easter egg hunt at Pioneer Park in conjunction with my aunt’s 60th birthday party.

But back to Debbie for just one second. She turned 60 but doesn’t look anywhere close to it. I think it is a reward for having one of the sweetest souls you will ever come across. I was so happy to attend her party and celebrate what a spectacular woman she is.

My Aunt Debbie is AWESOME. So glad I got to celebrate her 60th birthday with her.

Because we have two small children, we bowed out at 9 p.m. and returned to our cozy hotel room. The next morning we woke up early and attended Palm Sunday mass at St. Francis of Assisi. I was actually baptized at St. Francis and attended mass numerous times throughout my childhood when we would visit my grandparents. It was my first time at the parish in about 15 years and although it has been renovated, I was proud to show Sidney the church that played a big role in my early life.

We attended Palm Sunday mass at St. Francis of Assisi, the church that I was baptized in.

After mass we returned to the hotel, ate breakfast, and checked out. Our Walla Walla weekend concluded with a visit to Bright’s Candy, the premier (and perhaps only) candy shop in Walla Walla. We purchased some Easter candy and hit the road for Spokane.

My mom, Sid, and Sloan inside Bright’s Candies in downtown Walla Walla.

The weekend getaway was perfect. Well, except for one thing: my dad didn’t get to enjoy it like the rest of us. But I can assure you that he is on the mend and will be ready to celebrate Easter with a full bill of health. Don’t Blink.

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