99 Cents Thursday Rundown

It is the most significant Thursday of the year—Holy Thursday. I almost feel silly offering up five topics on a day like this but as I have written on Holy Thursday in the past I will do it today as well…

Inside the Fire Truck – In Tuesday night’s blog post I mentioned that we visited the Walla Walla Children’s Museum over the weekend. Although it might not scream “museum exhibit,” it did offer an old Milton-Freewater fire truck. It was totally fair game for the kids to climb on and explore inside. Beau and his cousin, Johnny, loved getting behind the wheel. I thought this photo was pretty adorable.

Johnny and Beau loved getting inside the Milton-Freewater fire truck at the Walla Walla Children’s Museum.

AriZona Tea – I read a really interesting article yesterday about AriZona iced tea. The story detailed that despite inflation, AriZona has managed to stay priced at 99 cents for its entire 30 years of existence. How is it managing to do that, especially during these trying times? Well, the company is simply sucking it up. AriZona is making less money but the founder and chairman says he won’t increase the price. He feels that Americans are already the victims of too many price increases and if it means he is going to lose money if he doesn’t follow the trend, then so be it. I found the piece economically stimulating so if you have time be sure to check it out.

AriZona Iced Tea has always been 99 cents and, according to its founder, always will be.

Easter Candy – It was four years ago that I wrote about my favorite Easter candy. Admittedly, I placed more emphasis on the commercialized part of Easter than I should have as a kid and gorged on Easter treats. Although I have straightened out my priorities over the years when it comes to the importance of the holiday, I still enjoy eating Easter candy. My top Easter candy are Cadbury mini eggs. Speaking of Cadbury, the company’s signature egg also found a spot on the list. So did a very specific type of jelly bean. If you want more details, you will just have to read the post.

In 2018, I listed my favorite Easter candy.

National Dolphin Day/National Pecan Day – Today is National Dolphin Day so I feel I should flashback to when Sidney and I swam with the dolphins in Cancun just about six years ago. It was the one thing that Sidney really, really wanted to do on our honeymoon so I made sure to make it happen. It is also National Pecan day and I will once again admit that the way many of us pronounce the nut (PEE-CON) is flat out wrong. Did we all just skip Hooked on Phonics as a kid? When I lived in South Carolina it totally made sense that it should be pronounced phonetically as PEE-CAN. Okay, got that off my chest.

A photo of Sidney and I swimming with dolphins 6 years ago.

Grilled Cheese – Would you buy a $13.50 grilled cheese? I did. Last weekend when we were in Walla Walla we ate at a downtown restaurant called Red Monkey. The “Ultimate Grilled Cheese” came with American, swiss, pepper jack, and sharp yellow cheeses. However, while the bread was decent, it sure didn’t seem like it was packed with four thick, gooey cheeses. It wasn’t my best menu selection for sure. Although I must say that the macaroni and cheese, which I upgraded to for +$2.50 (instead of fries), was the bomb.

I just don’t think this $13.50 grilled cheese was worth it.


As we mark Good Friday tomorrow, let us keep in mind how easily we can turn on God when things don’t go our way. But once Sunday comes around, let us enthusiastically celebrate the Resurrection of our Lord. I wish everyone a very happy Easter. Don’t Blink.

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