Reser’s Foods Thursday Rundown

How about we send March out in glory? The Thursday Rundown is here and I once again have five topics to discuss. Here we go…

Pretzel Pizza – For a recent ministry meeting that I attended, I decided to bring some pizza. I went cheap and stopped at Little Caesars. Always in the mood to try something new, I opted for the new pretzel crust pizza with a cheese sauce base. I purchased two of them (along with a cheese pizza for the kids) and went to the church the meeting was held at. Everyone was intrigued with the concept but not so much with the state. I unequivocally said I will never order it again.

As you can tell by the fact that only one piece is missing, the Little Caesars pretzel pizza wasn’t a huge hit.

Reser’s Truck – I finally got to show my daughter firsthand that there are people much richer than us who happen to have our last name. When taking Sloan to school the other day, I pulled up right behind a Reser’s Foods truck. Sloan got a kick out of seeing her last name featured so prominently on such a large vehicle. I explained what Reser’s is and the products they serve….and that we are in no way related.

I pulled up right behind a Reser’s Food truck when taking Sloan to school the other day.

Filling Up On Bread – My friend, Lindsi, posted this meme today. It insinuates that Olive Garden strategically tries to fill up customers on bread, perhaps to cut down on multiple requests of other bottomless items such as soup, salad, and sometimes pasta (looking at you, never ending bowl of pasta). Did you know buffets use this tactic too?! They will place bread items at the beginning of front-facing, highly-trafficked areas. They will be presented in large serving dishes whereas more expensive items aren’t as accessible and presented in smaller serving dishes. Ever wonder why the guy cutting the prime rib is a bit out of the way? Golden Corral and others want to entice you to devour bread products so you don’t eat as much of the good stuff.

This is the meme that Lindsi posted that warns against filling up on bread at the Olive Garden.

We Have the Meats – Speaking of prime rib, on this date seven years ago I wrote a blog post about my favorite holiday meats. I broke down the merits of prime rib, ham, and turkey which was then followed by an official ranking. You can go to the post to see my #1 but I will offer one tidbit here about the meat many of us will be eating soon—ham. I like ham most of all because of its staying power. Out of the “Big 3,” nothing tastes better as a leftover. Whether you warm it back up or eat it cold, leftover ham is delicious!

Spoiler: Prime rib is my favorite holiday meat.

Palm Sunday – Friends, Holy Week begins this upcoming weekend with Palm Sunday. It is a great reminder of how we can embrace Christ but then be so quick to reject him. The first gospel reading on Sunday will chronicle Jesus’ triumphant entry into Jerusalem when he triumphantly rode a donkey into the city and townspeople laid out palm branches along his path. Sadly, the ensuing Gospel passage will be Christ’s Passion according to Matthew. We will see how the same people who celebrated Jesus with palms would soon demand his crucifixion. Of course, there is underlying joy. His crucifixion will ultimately result in his resurrection and our own salvation. I wrote this more in-depth Palm Sunday reflection five years ago.

We commemorate Jesus’ triumphant return to Jerusalem on Palm Sunday.


That will do it for tonight. Let us pray for Pope Francis as he remains hospitalized. It is my hope that he is revitalized and healthy by Easter. Have a nice end of March and a very blessed Holy Week. Don’t Blink.

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