Make it 3, Beau

Today is the day that Beau turns 3. But before we look forward to this next year, let’s see how Beau did on the goals we set for him as a 2-year-old…

Goal: Develop his speech
Achieved?: ✔ Beau’s vocabulary and pronunciation exploded as a 2-year-old.

Goal: Practice diplomacy with his sister
Achieved?: 🙈 Debatable…

Goal: Stay out of the ER
Achieved?: ❌ We were on track until Thanksgiving.

Today Beau is 3 years old! (photo courtesy of Nicole Lynn Photos)

So in terms of goals, it was a mixed bag for Beau. But specific benchmarks aside, it was still a year of resounding growth. His cognitive skills increased dramatically, he developed friendships with other children, and he started daycare. His mischievous side that became apparent as a 1-year-old didn’t go anywhere as a 2-year-old but his affectionate side fortunately stuck around too.

Beau was a very active 2-year-old but he remained very affectionate as well.

Beau’s personality and preferences became more pronounced over the past year. He watched a million episodes of “PJ Masks.” He always asked for warm milk in the morning and never turned down a sucker. In terms of real food, he ate chicken nugget after chicken nugget. Play-Doh and balls proved to occupy him…at least for a little bit. He aspired to do everything that his sister and cousins did. He continued to obsess over his grandma.

Beau knows what he likes.

What is in store for Beau as a 3-year-old? He will eventually enter pre-school and go to St. Mary with his sister. Visiting his family in South Carolina will occur at some point. He will experience a WSU football game in the fall. We are crossing our fingers that his attention span improves. Hopefully his tendency to climb into bed with Sid and I in the middle of the night is reversed.

I love this little dude so much.

But what we hope most for Beau as a 3-year-old is that he continues to crush the fourth goal we set for him a year ago: to embrace his loving and carefree spirit ✔. If Beau continues to master that, we can be more understanding about the occasional spat with his sister or that pesky emergency room visit. Don’t Blink.

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