Beau’s PJ Masks-themed Birthday Party

PJ Masks, we’re the PJ Masks!
PJ Masks, we’re the PJ Masks!

For Beau’s third birthday, we had a PJ Masks-themed party.

It didn’t take much soul searching from Beau to decide on a theme for his birthday party. Our new 3-year-old wanted a Catboy, Owlette, and Gecko-themed affair.

It goes without saying that a PJ Masks party needed PJ Masks balloons.

As I mentioned in his birthday blog post, Beau loves PJ Masks. He has watched the five seasons available on Disney+ enough times to drive Sid and I absolutely bonkers. Although we might have PJ Mask fatigue, we could make an exception for Beau’s special day.

Sid had everything set up so nicely before family members started to arrive.

Sid was the top party planner/decorator. She purchased all the PJ Masks decorations from Party City. She then used it to turn our dining room into a scene right out of Tarabiscoville.

A look at Sid’s party table once our guests arrived.

Beau’s bash was a family party so grandma, papa, Aunt Miranda, Uncle Jay, and best friends/cousins Mik and Johnny all came over.

Beau opening gifts as we relax in the living room.

Of course it would not be a PJ Mask party without a PJ Mask cake and we had that covered.

Sidney topping the cake with PJ Masks figurines.

It goes without saying that Sunday night was the right time to fight crime as everyone had a fabulous time. What a fitting way to begin Beau’s next trip around the sun. Don’t Blink.

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