December Is Here Thursday Rundown

Happy December! I hope everyone has a magical month. Not much small talk tonight, let’s get right to the five topics…

Snow Fun – As I mentioned in last night’s post, Spokane received a lot of snow on Wednesday. At the end of the day, Sloan and Beau were going a little stir crazy since school and daycare were canceled due to the weather. So when I finished work, I took them outside for some fun in the snow. It was the best powder a kid could ask for as it was perfect packing snow and ripe for any snow activity. We threw snowballs, built a snowman, and constructed a snow slide.

Sloan and Beau had a great time in the snow last night.

National Pie Day – Today is a day for all dessert lovers—including yours truly. It is National Pie Day, not to be confused with National Pi Day on March 14. I am a big pie fan and enjoy all varieties from pumpkin to chocolate silk to lemon meringue. But my undisputed favorite is ice cream pie. Does it neglect the true spirit of what a pie actually is? Perhaps. However, this is my blog and I am including it as a legitimate pie and also sharing the blog post I wrote about ice cream pie back in 2016.

First Snowman of the Season – When I recapped our snow evening, I mentioned we made a snowman. However, I wanted to give our first “Frosty” of the season a little respect and not confine him to just a passing mention in a broad topic. So congrats, Stix, this section is all about you. This fella was made with Tootsie roll pops, an orange popsicle, M&Ms, and Beau’s Halloween hat from 2021. I had a couple of great helpers!

No, this picture isn’t crooked. Unfortunately, it didn’t take long for Stix to shift to his right side.

A Classic – Today marks the eight-year anniversary of one of my all-time favorite blog posts. I wrote about a childhood tradition that my dad faithfully did for the three of us kids growing up. Whenever we reached a milestone or achievement, he would use his superb artistic skills to illustrate the moment. My mom kept the drawings throughout the years. If you have the time, it is an interesting and fun blog post to read.

My dad had a neat tradition where he would create drawings for us on special occasions. Here is some of his work from my high school years.

My Picks – Okay, I will play along. You are supposed to choose your top 3. In numerical order, my choices are 1, 4, and 7. If you want to see where they land in terms of my overall preference, you can reference this blog post of my top 5 Christmas movies. I also chuckles that “Die Hard” is on this graphic. I watched the film for the first time last year and gave a loud opinion on whether I think it is a Christmas movie or not.

You are supposed to choose your top 3.


I hope your first weekend of December is enjoyable. I can’t wait for mine, we have a lot planned! Stay warm and stay happy, my friends. Don’t Blink.

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