Vote Thursday Rundown

Good evening, ladies and gentlemen. I hope your week is going well and that your November is off to a strong start. Here is tonight’s Thursday Rundown…

Candy Shot – One of the most gratifying moments for a youngster is to dump the contents of their trick-or-treat bag on the floor in front of them. This captures that moment for Sloan moments after returning home after going door-to-door on the streets of north Spokane. This year, Sloan managed to score several full-sized candy bars and plenty of chocolate for her daddy.

Sloan examines her Halloween candy that she received from trick-or-treating.

Vote – Next Tuesday is Election Day and I am sure everyone and their brother already told you to vote. Well, let your favorite blogger deliver the same message as well…VOTE. If you live in a state like Washington where it is solely mail-in, make sure to mark your ballot and drop it in the mailbox or your local ballot drop box. If you live in a state where you can vote in-person, make sure to show up at the polls on Tuesday. There are some really important decisions to be made this election cycle!

Last night I dropped my ballot and Sid’s ballot in the ballot drop box in the Spokane Valley Library parking lot.

The Sweetest 5K – On this date four years ago, I successfully completed the Doughnut Dash 5K. I mean, come on, what other race would give you doughnuts to run?! I posted a time of 23:59 and earned second place out of the casual runners. This weekend, my brother will participate in a “Beer Mile” race here in Spokane. He will drink a beer, run a lap, drink a beer, run a lap, drink a beer, run a lap, drink a beer, run a lap. What a noble thing to do, right? Wishing him the best of luck!

Believe it or not, I actually completed the Carolina Forest Rotary Club Krispy Kreme Doughnut Dash 5K…and I have the photo to prove it.

Peanut Butter Battle – Sidney recently cleaned out our pantry. During the process, a jar of Great Value peanut butter was found. The discovery didn’t impact us too much because we already had a jar of Skippy peanut butter in our circulation. But as many of you know, I always enjoy a good premium vs. generic taste test. Yesterday morning, I made two pieces of toast for breakfast. On one slice I put Skippy peanut butter and on the other I put Great Value peanut butter. The verdict? Although the Great Value peanut butter seemed crunchier, the Skippy peanut butter had a much better taste.

In a super scientific taste test, I preferred the Skippy peanut butter over the Great Value peanut butter.

Trick-Or-Treat Fuel – We spent Halloween at my parents’ house. On Monday night, 275 trick-or-treaters came to their door. Crazy, right? We needed a good dinner to have the stamina to pass out candy to all those children/teenagers (while also going trick-or-treating ourselves). Thankfully, my mom prepared wiener wraps and tater tots. A wiener wrap is a hot dog wrapped in Pillsbury dough that is topped with cheese and baked. My mom made them all the time growing up and they were very much appreciated again just the other night.

Regardless of whether I was a 6-year-old or a 36-year-old, wiener wraps never get old.


Thanks for stopping by. I think a couple pieces of Sloan’s Halloween candy are calling my name so I am going to excuse myself from sitting in front of the computer screen. Have a great weekend. Don’t Blink.

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