Post-Holiday Meal Walks

It is November 1 and that means we are at the beginning of holiday feast season. Many of us will sit down at the table for epic meals on Thanksgiving and Christmas. Some might even get a bonus banquet on New Year’s Day. It goes without saying that these lavish meals pack a bunch of calories and plenty of food comas.

Holiday meals can pack on the calories. A recent article suggests to take a walk after the meal is finished.

I recently read an article that said the best thing you can do after a holiday meal is take a walk. I know, easier said than done for some of us who live in cold climates. But even if it is a snowy blizzard where you live, the idea is that if you can take a few steps and get your blood flowing, you are doing your body and mind a good service.

Some of the benefits of taking a walk, according to the article, include…

– Good for digestion
– Controls blood sugar
– It’s calming
– You will sleep better
– Opportunity to strengthen family bonds

Now those are all good reasons to take a walk after the Thanksgiving meal or Christmas dinner, but I have another advantageous reason to add: It provides the perfect buffer between finishing your plate and digging into dessert.

Our family doesn’t typically eat holiday dessert the moment that the meal is done. We like to lounge around, chat, and let our food settle before indulging. It is just more comfortable and usually the dessert is more gratifying.

Before digging into dessert, it might be a good idea to take a walk

With the benefits of walking and the natural time period between our dinner and dessert, why shouldn’t we implement the walk to help fill that space? Not only would it offer some exercise between two major calorie pig outs, but it would also clear the house so that the person who prefers to do the dishes can do so in peace.

I love the idea of the walk serving as kind of a “path” to dessert. So many times we approach our pumpkin pie with full bellies and dread. I think a walk would help to generate more enthusiasm and appreciation for dessert time.

After going full throttle on the prime rib, perhaps we should consider a walk this holiday season?

Although not for every family, I think at least considering a walk after holiday meals this season could be wise. Happy Eating! Don’t Blink.

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