Big Brother 24: Average

Make it a dozen! With the finale of Big Brother 24 tonight, Sid and I will have watched 12 seasons together (2014-22 summer seasons and three celebrity seasons). Not bad for a former reality TV sourpuss.

Big Brother 24 concludes tonight.

However, this post isn’t about my television habits. Rather, the focus should shine on the 16 houseguests who battled it out on CBS over the past 70+ days.

Coming off last year’s historic season that saw the Cookout alliance do something incredibly special, it was tough—if not impossible—for #BB24 to top it. Naturally, it didn’t—but that’s okay. Although I wouldn’t say this music fest-themed season will go down as especially memorable, Sid and I were still engaged from start to finish as we watched every single episode.

A couple stories from this season stick out. Taylor’s rise from house villain at the beginning to respected competitor on finale night is at the top of my list. She managed to shake off Daniel’s savage “apologize for some things you’ve said in this house” rebuke to not only outlast him but at least 13 other houseguests as well.

I like Taylor and respect the journey she has taken in the house.

Then there is Michael. I was so impressed with his social game and competition prowess. During a significant stretch of the season I was rooting for him. However, that all changed after he schemed with Brittany to bring to light comments that Kyle made a couple weeks prior. I found this strategy insincere, desperate, and self-serving. I went from “I hope he wins” to “I hope he gets evicted.” Thankfully, he wouldn’t last long after Kyle as he received his eviction vote during the round of six.

I thought Michael was great until the stunt that he pulled on Kyle.

Except for my desire to see Michael evicted after the Kyle stunt, I didn’t really have super strong feelings of either admiration or disgust for any houseguest. This lack of passion certainly contributed to my assessment that #BB24 won’t go down as “especially memorable” for me. With that said, I do have an opinion on who I want to see win the $750,000 tonight…

I could live with either Monte or Taylor taking the top prize. Monte has played a solid game and won key competitions when he needed to. He has been level-headed and a cool customer from start to finish and I think that deserves to be rewarded. When it comes to Taylor, I simply admire the journey she has taken in the house. As I mentioned, she went from public enemy #1 to power player. My apologies to Turner, I just never could jump on his bandwagon.

Monte is a solid player and I would be happy if he won.

With respect to America’s Favorite Houseguest, if it isn’t Monte or Taylor, I am pulling for Joseph. In addition to playing a competitive game before running into some bad luck during Dire Fest, I enjoyed his personality and found him to be a cool guy.

This upcoming week will be strange without Sidney and I catching up on “Big Brother” episodes during the lunch break. Oh well, it will free up our time a bit. Thanks to CBS and Julie Chen for another fun season and thanks to my lovely wife for watching with me. Until next season, America! Don’t Blink.

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