The Historic Big Brother 23 Season

I can hardly believe it. As a once anti-reality TV crusader, I am just about to finish watching my ninth season of “Big Brother.” I have watched every episode of Seasons 17-22 plus the two celebrity seasons. After Wednesday night, I will have completed Season 23 (count them up…that’s 9!).

Big Brother 23 has been great!

And believe me, I am excited to wrap up this latest season. No, it is not because I want it to be over with but rather because I am pumped to see the crowning of the winner. Well, as long as it is the person I think it should be, that is. But more on that in just a bit.

The best story of Season 23 goes without saying. What the Cookout did was unprecedented and so well executed. For those six individuals to bind together on the first day and achieve their goal some 70 days later was epic. Remember, the game of Big Brother begins with 16 houseguests. That group had a long climb if it wanted to stay intact and outlast 10 other players and that is what it did. So many things could have derailed the plan but because of teamwork, strategy, and a little bit of luck, Xavier, Azah, Big D, Kyland, Hannah, and Tiffany did it.

What the Cookout did was incredible!

I believe another solid story from this season is how civil it was. I know some people might enjoy the Jerry Springer-esque yelling matches that usually occur between the houseguests throughout a given season but that didn’t happen in 23. The houseguests were simply more mature than usual and I appreciated that.

However, despite the absence of yelling, there was a single moment that I found uncomfortable. It came just last week when Kyland was evicted. He stuck around a little longer than he should have to confront Xavier and get a little personal when he brought up X’s nephew. I thought that was of poor taste.

I bring this moment up because back in July, I wrote that Kyland was one of my favorite houseguests. Even during that early juncture of the game I respected his strategy and enjoyed his personality. But as the season went on, especially these last few weeks, I grew a little annoyed with him. His arrogance seemed to grow and so did his selfishness. His actions after Thursday’s eviction was just the icing on the cake.

But that is okay because although Kyland lost favor with me, the dude he confronted impressed me more and more each week. Man, what a game Xavier has played! From displaying discipline by not winning competitions to showing up when he needed to win them, Xavier has excelled in this important aspect of “Big Brother.” But his social game has been just as impressive as his competition game. He has managed complex situations while treating all houseguests with kindness. He has been a smooth operator and embraced leadership throughout the game. There is no doubt that he should win $750,000 on Wednesday night.

My hope is that Xavier wins Big Brother 23.

As for America’s Favorite Houseguest? The other contestant I tagged as being my favorite in July was Derek X. My opinion of him never wavered like it did with Kyland as I cheered for him the whole way up until his eviction. I would like to see the honor bestowed on him. It also wouldn’t hurt my feelings if Hannah is awarded it. She played such a smart game and I was blown away by her command of “Big Brother” strategy coupled with her relative youth (only 21!).

At the very least, despite who wins America’s Favorite Houseguest, Xavier better be walking out under confetti on Wednesday night. I have watched should-be-winners of past seasons walk away in second place and I sure hope Xavier isn’t victim to a bitter jury…but I have a pretty good feeling he won’t. Don’t Blink.

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