I just have one, random question for you tonight: Do you like leftovers?

It seems as if this question polarizes people in the same way that the dressing vs. stuffing debate does. I definitely know where I stand.

I f@#$%^& love them!

If it was up to me, I would make one big dinner on Monday to last throughout the week. I think most food, at least dinner meals, is like wine—it gets better with age. Well, up until a point (let’s say six days?).

Don’t think I am kidding, a main reason why I enjoy leftovers so much is because I do think they taste even better the second and third nights around. Perhaps once you get to the fourth and fifth nights they might not taste as good but they are definitely still edible.

I once ordered a gigantic hot dog from the restaurant in Northern Quest casino and it was so huge that these were my leftovers the next day.

Of course convenience is the other main reason why I enjoy leftovers. Needing not to worry about what you are cooking for dinner is a weight off the shoulders and the lack of a mess in the kitchen is welcome too. Also, let’s not forget about how sustainable it is. Food waste is a big problem and if you don’t respect leftovers chances are that if you don’t stuff yourself silly that half of what you made for dinner will land in the garbage can.

Al leftovers aren’t created equal, I can admit to that. Pastas, rice dishes, casseroles, and Chinese food are all superb the next day. Steak and nachos are better to eat in the initial sitting. Thanksgiving dinner is the Michael Jordan of all leftover meals.

Now it is your turn! What is your opinion on leftovers? Should I save you some of our meatloaf from last night? Don’t Blink.

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