How Will You Celebrate May 31?

Good evening, everyone. I hope you had a nice Memorial Day weekend and managed to get back into the swing of things today. Just think, only three more days left in the work week!

Today is May 31 and just like the other 364 days of the calendar, you will find a variety of gimmicky “national” days that happen to fall on this final day of the month. I decided to throw three darts at the wall and write about the three national days they landed on.

How will you celebrate May 31?

National Save Your Hearing Day – I am now going to sound like a grandpa, but I encourage all of Gen Z to take some time to reflect on National Save Your Hearing Day. My own hearing is already bad and although I attribute some of it to genetics, I probably didn’t do myself any favors as a young lad. I enjoyed cranking the volume to a max level on my headphones and part of my first job out of college entailed me being the DJ for countless marquee University of Montana sporting events. Probably most damaging were a couple concerts I attended in my early 20s. One was a Mike Jones (WHO?!) show and the other was a Jake Owen show. Both concerts were in small venues and I remember my ears ringing intensely into the following day. Yep, probably paying for those today.

National Smile Day – Flash that grin, my friend, because it is National Smile Day. I personally believe a smile can go a long way and I prefer to sport one when appropriate. However, I would never suggest shaming someone to smile. I remember someone close to me would always encourage strangers to smile, such as one time at a restaurant. This particular person called our server back to the table and instructed him to “smile.” It just seemed a bit odd and overreaching to me. People have their reasons not to smile and I think we should respect that.

National Utah Day – Today we celebrate the 45th state admitted to the Union. Besides just flying in/out of the SLC Airport a million times, I have spent actual time in the following Utah cities/towns: Salt Lake City, Ogden, and Logan. When I visited Ogden, I was doing advance travel for the University of Montana football team and I actually drove there all the way from Missoula. Utah is a beautiful state with nice people and some great universities.


How have you marked your May 31? Hopefully by protecting your hearing, smiling, and thinking about your future vacation to Utah. Remember, it will already be Wednesday tomorrow. Don’t Blink.

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