Warning Thursday Rundown

Did you have a good March? After a challenging start to 2022, this past month got my family back on track. Speaking of staying on track, today is Thursday so that means five random topics are coming your way…

Is It Cake? – If you have searched Netflix over the past week or so, chances are you came across the new cooking/game show titled “Is It Cake?” The premise is that accomplished bakers create cakes that resemble actual objects (i.e. a hamburger, purse, bowling ball, etc.) and then judges have to decipher between which is cake and which is the actual object. My take on the show? I think it is interesting to watch the contestants bake their cakes but I think the guessing part of the show is lame. The bakers are just too good. It turns out to be a crapshoot because the cake seems to always look identical to the everyday object, removing the skill of deciphering and promoting a 50/50 guess. In the end, it is a coin flip. Many of the show’s visuals are satisfying but it isn’t my cup of tea.

It i satisfying when the host cuts into the cakes and I do like watching the contestants bake but other than that I am not a fan of the show.

National Tater Day – Today is the ultra important National Tater Day and I immediately knew that I wanted to celebrate by bringing back the below chart. I first shared this in 2016 and, in my opinion, the chart remains a work of art in the world of fried potatoes. The encyclopedia of processed spuds, if you will. Although I still maintain that tater tots aren’t French fries and have no business being on this list, I think the other choices and rankings are pretty legit.

This list ranking french fries is pretty cool.

Warning – It is April Fools’ Eve so here is my heads up to be on the lookout tomorrow for pranks and social media gags. I have been quite vocal in the past about how I detest April Fools’ Day so please forgive me if I am stealing the thunder of any jokesters. Okay, this Brent PSA is over.

I am not a big fan of April Fools’ Day on social media.

Eric Church Controversy – I am a big fan of Eric Church. I went to a show when he was just starting to burst onto the scene and saw him perform live again later down the road. However, I am having a tough time with his recent decision to cancel a concert in Texas so he can attend the North Carolina-Duke Final Four game on the same night (he is a Tar Heels fan). I believe in work/life balance but his decision impacts thousands and thousands of people who made plans to see him in concert. I feel bad for the kid who was going to see her first show, the family that was traveling to San Antonio with airfare/lodging already purchased, and the guy that was going to propose to his girlfriend when Church performed a certain song they both like. I just think the decision negatively impacts too many people and was made too last minute.

I don’t think canceling a concert for a basketball game is a good decision.

Needed Wordle Rule Change – I have said it before, but I want to say it a little bit louder for my blogging audience. Wordle needs to treat non-word guesses as a missed attempt. Currently, if you insert a word that isn’t in the dictionary, there is no penalty. This allows the player to guess-and-check at will with no repercussions. I have benefited from this loophole on more than one occasion. Last Saturday with “epoxy” was a perfect example. I had no idea it was even a word but because I was able to test numerous combinations I eventually threw in the correct random letters and solved the puzzle. The freedom to do this needs to change.

Guessing and checking with words that you don’t know are actually words should be penalized in Wordle if in fact it isn’t a word. This is my game board from last Saturday with “epoxy.” I do realize the poor game move I made in attempt #5 with re-using the letter “P” at the front but I was distracted.


Alright everyone, that will do it for another Thursday Rundown. I hope everyone has a spectacular April. Enjoy the Final Four this weekend. Don’t Blink.

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