Lent 2022: Solidarity With Ukraine

Yesterday I wrote about the optimism I have for March after a rather shaky start to 2022. One reason for my positive mindset is the opportunity that presents itself right out of the block.

Lent begins tomorrow. I think this holy season will offer all of us the chance to really reclaim 2022 and trend in the right direction. After a couple months that illustrated how life is short and that evil truly exists in this world, I don’t think there is a better time to embrace prayer, fasting, and almsgiving.

When Ash Wednesday rolls around tomorrow, let us not forget that Pope Francis has called us to hold Ukraine in our hearts. Our Holy Father has requested that we use our Ash Wednesday fasting and prayer to lift up a country that is currently in a world of peril.

Pope Francis has asked us to devote Ash Wednesday to praying and fasting for Ukraine.

Following the events in eastern Europe can be very jarring. We watch actual fighting on TV. We follow military analysis threads on Twitter. We listen as Putin threatens the world with nuclear warfare. It is all very scary and very real. But can you imagine what it is like for the Ukrainian people? Lent has arrived at an opportune time for us to suffer in solidarity with Ukraine. Of course we can’t come close to experiencing the desert they are forced to march through but we can do small self-sacrificing acts to remember our Ukrainian brothers and sisters on a daily basis.

As we draw closer to Jesus over the next 40 days, let’s make it a point to answer Pope Francis’ call. Let’s pray for Ukraine. Don’t Blink.

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