Bagpipes Thursday Rundown

March is in full swing and we are enjoying the sunshine that has been prevalent this week. If you don’t mind, I think I will start with tonight’s rundown…

Garbage Woman – I think it is important for children to have a fundamental understanding of how our modern day conveniences work and who makes them possible. Garbage pickup is such an important resource we enjoy and it has served as a great topic to explore with Sloan. Not only do we talk about who picks up our trash and where it goes, Sloan has embraced an opportunity to help in the whole process by taking the garbage bin back to the garage every Monday afternoon.

Sloan taking in the trash this past Monday.

This Time in 2020 – I have been following my Timehop closely as I look back two years ago. At this time in 2020, we were packing up our Myrtle Beach house and I was preparing to hop on a plane to head west. Simultaneously, a thing called COVID was starting to cause a minor panic. We were also up all night with a 1-month-old and Sloan was looking forward to her 3rd birthday in just a week. What a crazy, stressful, emotional time!

On March 11, 2020, this moving truck pulled up at our house in Myrtle Beach and packed up all our belongings.

Marry Me – My movie of the week that I am highlighting for this Thursday Rundown is “Marry Me.” The Netflix film stars Jennifer Lopez as a music superstar who has her heartbroken and on a whim points at stranger Owen Wilson in a crowd to be her husband. When we started watching it on Saturday morning I was like Oh brother, here we go. But in all honesty it wasn’t that bad. Super light movie without a lot of intellectual depth but some catchy music. “Marry Me” was perfect for Sid and I to enjoy together while the kids entertained themselves.

For what it was, I didn’t think “Marry Me” was too terrible.

Good Luck, Russell – It was a bombshell this week when news broke that Russell Wilson was dealt to the Denver Broncos. What a loss for the Seahawks. I wish #3 nothing but the best with his new team and I hope the 12th Man fan base can truly appreciate everything that Russell Wilson delivered while a Seahawk, especially the Super Bowl title he brought back to the Pacific Northwest. Also, I imagine that now that Wilson is gone, people won’t mistake me as much for him anymore. But you never know.

I would like to introduce you to my double, Russell Wilson.

International Bagpipes Day – There is simply nothing better than the sound of bagpipes. Oh, the feeling that stirs inside of me when I hear that instrument. A half dozen years ago I even went as far as to say my favorite part of St. Patrick’s Day (this was before Sloan was born on the holiday) is listening to bagpipes. I can’t wait to go to Spokane’s St. Patrick’s Day Parade this Saturday and take it in as that special sound cuts through the air. Happy International Bagpipes Day, everyone.


Continue to pray for peace in Ukraine and everywhere else that war is rampant. Let us not forget how blessed and lucky we truly are. Don’t Blink.

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