I vividly remember the scene. I was attending my first ever Seattle Seahawks game when I was either in fourth or fifth grade. My dad, my friend, and my friend’s dad were walking outside the Kingdome prior to the game when we noticed something. There was an old car (I think it was a Toyota?) painted in red and gold with “Kansas City Chiefs” spray painted on it.

For $5, you could take a sledgehammer and whack the car with all your might. I believe you got three swings and I remember one dude winding up the sledgehammer and giving that car everything he had. He barely made a dent but I remember thinking that it was pretty cool.

Well, smashing a beat-up car clad in the colors of the Seahawks’ opponent no longer appeals to me. But I do remember what it felt like to have that desire to go completely ape and destroy something. And, obviously, I am not the only one to have had that urge or else people wouldn’t have monetized the destruction of POS vehicles.

Yesterday I learned this business model has taken a major step up in recent years. During a morning meeting, the concept of rage rooms was brought up. Evidently, there are places you can go and take “weapons of destruction” to breakables such as televisions, lamps, microwaves, glass fixtures, and more. Some of these places have items on-site for you to destroy and others invite you to bring your own. Believe it or not, Spokane has its own rage venue called Rage Xscape.

Rage rooms are a thing.

The testimonials are glowing (or should I say smashing?). People leave these places feeling like a weight has been lifted off their shoulders and pent up anger released. It goes without saying that expelling rage inside a controlled building is better than releasing it in other places that might land you behind bars.

Lucky for me, I don’t need a rage room for therapeutic purposes. To be honest, it doesn’t really even sound that fun to me from an entertainment perspective. Sure, I would do it for the blog but you won’t see me with a punch card.

I am chalking this up as another modern day creative entertainment option on par with axe throwing and escape rooms. What will they come up with next? Don’t Blink.

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