Lightness and Darkness

I know I frequently relate lessons learned during nightly reading with my 4-year-old daughter so my apologies in advance for another post spurned by that precious time we spend together.

“The World Made a Rainbow” is the inspiration for tonight’s blog post.

Over the weekend we read a book titled “The World Made a Rainbow” by Michelle Robinson. Toward the end of the story, this particular line stuck out: The light couldn’t shine if it never knew dark.

This line in “The World Made a Rainbow” rings true.

It underscored an important life theme of not being able to truly appreciate the good without experiencing the bad. Similarly, a more cynical sentiment I have heard a couple times in my life goes along the lines of, “I can’t miss you if you don’t leave.”

Perhaps that one is a little on the harsher side. But I think we all get the idea. Many times we fail to understand what we have until it is gone. We see so many instances in our society of a complete lack of appreciation or understanding. It isn’t until darkness is thrust over us that we truly comprehend the brilliantness and warmth of the light.

Much in the same way that it is better to have loved and lost than never to have loved at all, I think it is beneficial that we all experience dark periods in our lives to truly be grateful for the beautiful things that we hold dear. Don’t Blink.

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