Totally Satisfied by Tokyo 2020

Okay, I know all the knocks on the 2020 Summer Olympics. Nobody watched them. Too hard to watch even if you wanted too. Mired in controversy and political angst. Athletes not patriotic enough. While I understand that not everyone enjoyed the Tokyo Games, please don’t lump me into that group.

I don’t watch the Closing Ceremony because I find it a little sad but I will look at a picture from it.

Our family had an awesome time watching the games. From the Opening Ceremony to the end of Saturday night (I don’t watch the Closing Ceremony because I always find it too depressing), we were dialed in and engaged. From the mainstream sports to the obscure events, we were thoroughly entertained.

Perhaps we were just set up to enjoy them this year. We watched everything on our TV from the NBC app, making life easy. It allowed us to switch around from the live coverage on all the NBC networks and provided the opportunity to watch any replays we desired just with the tap of a button. It seemed like we were following the developments and drama of Tokyo in real time.

To be honest, I probably enjoyed them a little too much. Sidney will tell you stories about waking up at midnight to find me watching water polo or perhaps even speed walking. She will testify to other times when she would have to tell me to shut up because I would cheer a little too loudly during a relay. But what can I say? I was at a stage in life during this Olympiad that allowed me to truly consume the games and I took full advantage of it.

As I expressed in an earlier blog, the 2020 Summer Olympics were also special in the fact that I was able to introduce them to Sloan. She became more aware of the world around her and developed an increased sense of pride for the United States of America. Years from now, I will associate the Tokyo Games with “Sloan’s Games.”

When it comes to my personal favorite moments from these games, watching the 4x100m freestyle men’s swimming relay from my parents’ basement is up there. Also, watching the epic 400m hurdle men’s race from a treadmill at the gym early in the morning also ranks as a top moment. Cheering on the men’s basketball team was also fun and, speaking of basketball, I tried to catch as much 3×3 basketball as possible. But just in a general sense, it was nice at the end of the day to just relax on the couch and watch the Olympics with Sid and the kids.

I wanted to congratulate Team USA for once again performing at an elite level. America came away with the most medals, including most golds. Just another reason why I am proud to be an American. There is nothing like the Summer Olympics and I am sad to see them go. However, I find consolation knowing that I got to enjoy the games to their full extent this year. I am already looking forward to Paris. Don’t Blink.

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