Princess Thursday Rundown

Happy Friday Eve to everyone! Nothing to see here besides a mid-August Thursday Rundown. If that’s your things, feel free to keep reading because I got five topics coming your way…

Happy Middle Child Day – Let me start off tonight by wishing my fellow “not the oldest and not the youngest” friends a Happy Middle Child Day. I definitely think being the middle kid is an entirely different experience from other children in the family. Several years ago, my mom texted me the below meme on this date. Enough said.

My mom texted me this meme in commemoration of Middle Child’s Day.

My Little Pony – Over the course of a week, I read to Sloan the 10 chapters in the below My Little Pony 5-Minute Stories book. Two observations: First, my daughter watches way too much YouTube because she knew all the characters and most of the stories. The funny thing is I have never observed her watching My Little Pony before. Second, I finally got some context on what My Little Pony is all about. I will never forget visiting Baltimore in August 2014 when BronyCon was taking place. BronyCon is the My Little Pony national convention and I had never seen so many grown men dressed up in brightly colored horse suits in my life. Back then, I didn’t really understand the appeal and, to be honest, I still don’t. But at least I know the basis of the series.

Sloan really enjoyed reading this book and I kind of did too.

Princesses at the Ball Game – We picked the perfect night to go to our first Spokane Indians baseball game of the season. Last Friday we went out to Avista Stadium where the promotion that evening was Storybook Princess Night. Upon walking through the gates, Sloan got to meet Snow White, Ariel, Belle, and Cinderella. All princesses were kind and enthusiastic to Sloan. Hey, if a little fairy tale magic helps convert Sloan to a baseball fan, I can deal with that girly stuff.

Sloan took photos with princesses from Spokane’s Princess Portraits & More at the Spokane Indians game on Aug. 6.

Looking Back on Lays #DoUsAFlavor – Over the span of five years, I enthusiastically taste-tested the Lays potato chip #DoUsAFlavor creations that would come out during the summer and then review them on this blog. Oh, what fun I had! I found great joy pigging out on wacky flavors like chicken & waffles and bacon mac & cheese. I wrote my last post four years ago. That summer’s crop included fried green tomatoes, crispy taco, and everything bagel. If you follow the link to that 2017 post, you will find links to all my other #DoUsAFlavor reviews as well.

Me holding the 2015 #DoUsAFlavor Lay’s potato chips.

Sibling Love – I thought these photos I snapped the other day of Sloan and Beau embracing were too sweet and innocent not to share. They can seriously bother the heck out of each other, but these moments make it all worth it.

Beau and Sloan share a hug.


It is going to be another triple digit weekend so that must mean we have another outdoor wedding to attend. My family will be in Walla Walla the next couple days to celebrate my cousin’s special moment so I am sure you will hear a little bit about it in the ensuing week. Stay cool, friends. Don’t Blink.

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