An “Explosive” YouTube Video

Chalk it up as one of those sensory videos that is just soothing to watch.

How else can you explain why we wasted 10 minutes of our lives watching it?

On Saturday night, Sid and I were watching YouTube videos on our TV with Sloan. One thing to another and instead of Ryan’s World or CookieSwirlC, we ended up watching this video. Basically it is a giant scale version of the Elephant’s Toothpaste experiment you did as a kid.

The video takes place on what might be the shore of a beach. A guy starts building a sand volcano. After he has piled a good amount of sand to resemble a volcanic shape, he places what appears to be a five-gallon bucket on top of it. He then packs sand around the bucket to form the volcano’s crater.

A sceenshot as the guy packs sand/dirt around the bucket to form the volcano’s crater.

Now comes the first monotonous part of the video. He starts pulling out sodas from a trash can that is serving as a cooler. Over the course of a couple minutes he pulls out 22 different soft drinks. They range in variety from flavor to size to can/bottle.

This guy has a pretty impressive lineup of sodas.

Next up is the real monotonous portion of the demonstration. He starts opening up the sodas and pouring the contents into the bucket/volcanic crater…one at a time. It takes over four minutes for him to open and dump all the drinks but for whatever reason we watched it through without fast forwarding. Granted, Sloan did fall asleep during this part but Sidney and I remained transfixed. Heck, my brother was waiting out in our driveway as the two of us had plans for the night but I made him wait as I watched.

Most of the time he would empty one can or bottle into the bucket at a time. This was one instance when he did two….a Sprite and an orange soda.

After the last soda was poured, the bucket was nearly full. But it had just enough room to add a few additional ingredients. First came dish soap followed by Pepto Bismol. He then combined several rolls of Mentos and yeast into a separate container and poured hydrogen peroxide in it. Finally, he poured this mixture into the volcanic crater…

And there goes the Pepto Bismol


A gigantic plume of pink “lava” exploded out of the volcano followed by another plume and several other bursts. It is quite impressive to watch. All I kept thinking was This could perfect for a gender reveal.

This is just the very start of the eruption. Must watch the video to see the whole show!

If you are really bored, take a chance and watch the video. Not only did we devote 10 minutes of our lives to watching a guy pour soda into a bucket but I followed it up with a blog post as well. Don’t Blink.

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