Homage to Cereal

The Calendar of Gimmicks told us yesterday that it was National Cereal Day. I marked this “day” by reflecting on the current non-fiction series that Sidney and I are watching called “The Food That Built America.” One of the entrepreneurs featured in this program is John Kellogg, the father of cereal. Did you know what cereal was eventually made for? Well, you might need to Google the question for a more in-depth answer but Kellogg originally invented it as a digestive aid and as a brain food that would straighten a person’s moral compass.

But these days cereal is known as a breakfast food—perhaps the most popular morning staple there is. Although I count cereal as a pretty decent froyo topping, I also primarily recognize it as a breakfast mainstay. I have written a lot about cereal over the years, even going as far as to devote entire blog posts to my top three unhealthy cereals and my top three healthy(ish) cereals. What can I say? I enjoy a bowl of oats in the morning.

Just a few brief peroneal cereal notes…

– I eat a bowl of Rice Krispies-esque cereal pretty much every morning. I say “esque” because I usually consume a generic version. This type of cereal is easy to eat while working at the computer and doesn’t alter the taste of milk so it isn’t weird to drink after the Krispies are gone.

A couple of the Rice Krispies-esque cereals we have at the house right now.

– Probably one of the best wedding gifts we received was a set of cereal bowls. These things are meant specifically for your favorite Cap’n Crunch cereal. Pour as much cereal in the bottom as you want and top generously with milk because you won’t have to worry about anything overflowing.

I love these cereal bowls!

– My dad recently told a story about eating cereal growing up. He said his parents would only provide bland, healthy cereals. Along with his brothers and sisters, they would pour copious amounts of sugar on these cereals. One day they went to their grandmother’s house and she had those mini boxes of breakfast delights such as Trix and Fruit Loops. They couldn’t hold back their excitement and dug into these special treats. But they were disappointed. You see, they had poured so much sugar on the healthy cereals at home that the colorful, artificial, and fun cereals didn’t hold a candle in terms of sweetness.

One day my dad went over to his grandma’s and she had a pack of mini cereals. However, they turned out tasting a little disappointing.

Do you have a cereal that is especially meaningful and/or tasty to you? If you do, hopefully you celebrated with a bowl yesterday. Don’t Blink.

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