Santa Wrote to Sloan!

This year, Santa had decided to contract with Airway Heights Parks & Recreation and the Kiwanis Club to help deliver his mail to the North Pole. It turned out to be a pretty convenient arrangement. Local children could write a letter, parents could fill out a form, and a little bit of Christmas magic would take care of the rest.

The form that we filled out (and some stickers for decorating) that accompanied Sloan’s letter to the North Pole.

Over Thanksgiving weekend, Sloan sat down and wrote a letter to Santa. Well, I physically wrote the letter but she told me exactly what to say. She then proceeded to draw a picture for Santa and decorate the envelope with stickers. When Monday rolled around, we dropped the letter in the mailbox.

Sloan writing a letter to Santa.

Today, we had a surprise in our mailbox. Santa WROTE BACK!

Sloan holding her Santa letter seconds after taking it out of our mailbox.

Sloan opened the envelope with enthusiasm and anticipation.

Sloan opening up her Santa letter with a big smile on her face.

When I read her the letter that Santa had penned, we were both overjoyed with the detail and personality contained in the correspondence. I mean, honestly, Santa doesn’t go this in depth with everyone, right?

Go ahead and read the letter that Sloan received from Santa. A great deal of effort was put forth writing it.

It goes without saying that Santa made a great choice partnering with Airway Heights Parks & Recreation and the Kiwanis Club because the support they provided was superb. Word on the street is that the organizations were flooded with nearly 100 letters this year and had to work extra hard to provide all those children with letters that rivaled the detail that Sloan had in hers.

When this arrived in the mail, it made a little girl’s day.

The Santa letter was just another snowflake in Sloan’s winter cap of what has been a magical holiday season. Special thanks to Airway Heights Parks & Rec and the Kiwanis Club for going above and beyond. Don’t Blink.

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