Christmas Humility

We have watched a lot of Christmas movies this month. However, the show we watched last night with Sloan was the perfect way to start the Christmas week.

With Beau asleep, the three of us sat on the couch in the living room and watched “The Little Drummer Boy.” It is an old school, stop-motion animated film but it is beautiful. Sloan sat through the entire thing completely engaged. She enjoyed pointing out the star whenever it appeared on screen and telling us what it meant. The triumphant ending scene at the manger is the perfect depiction of what Christmas is all about and worth the time of us all to sit down and watch.

Last night, we watched “The Little Drummer Boy.” It was a great reminder of the true meaning of Christmas.

The one theme that “The Little Drummer Boy” masterfully teaches is humility. Even though the boy was poor and had no material possessions to give baby Jesus, he did have his musical talent. When he played his heart out on his drum, the boy gave the sincerest gift of all.

This week, let’s try to be humble. Many of us might already be close to that point with the hardships brought on by COVID-19. But for those of us spared (so far) by the pandemic, let us keep the manger in mind. It is important to celebrate the reason for the season and a 1968 television special can be a great reminder of what that is. Don’t Blink.

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