Preparing for Christmas

Now that Thanksgiving has passed and Advent has arrived, I can start to look forward to Christmas. I absolutely adore December and the magic that surrounds it. This year, I think that magic will shine just a little brighter as we enjoy the month in a place that at times can actually look and feel like the North Pole.

We are now in Advent season.

December this year is special because not only will it be Beau’s first Christmas but Sloan has reached the age where she is truly cognizant of the holidays. She loves Santa, Elf on the Shelf, and presents. You know, the stuff that all 3 ½-year-olds should be excited about?

Sloan has the Christmas spirit….and a chocolate calendar that counts down the days until December 25.

With that said, her newly developed consciousness of Christmas comes with it the responsibility of Sid and I to ensure that in addition to Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer and new toys that some perspective is also introduced. How far do you go down that road with a little person who hasn’t even turned 4 yet? I would say not that far. However, introducing the basics about whose birthday is celebrated and the true reason for the season are important concepts that will help lay necessary groundwork for the future.

May everyone have a meaningful and blessed holiday.

For us adults, I think we can all make a more concerted effort to prepare for the birth of Christ. With so many distractions and expectations, it is easy to lose focus on why December 25 is so important. This Advent season I am going to try to do better in my own personal preparation. Let’s see how it goes. Don’t Blink.

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