Sugary Thursday Rundown

We have reached that time of the week again where I waste your time with five random and irrelevant topics. Wait, did I just write that? Well alright, let’s begin the latest Thursday Rundown…

Breakfast Combo – Yesterday morning I was eating Froot Loops for breakfast when Sidney exclaimed, “How are you eating cereal? We are all out of milk.” I conceded that we were out of milk but I was using a substitute. No, not Gatorade like Jim Harbaugh but half & half. When I was little, my mom would put half & half on our cereal every now and then. It was almost like a special occasion. When you add the mixture to your cereal it gives it a richer, creamier taste. Be careful though, after you do it once you might never want to go back to classic milk again.

Cereal with half & half poured over it is a nice treat.

Christmas Has Arrived – The interior of our house is now decorated for Christmas. Although Sidney and I have differing views on when the Christmas season should start (you can guess which respective sides we are on), I think our tree is beautiful and it sure brightens our living room with light and warmth during those early, dark mornings.

Our tree adds warmth and holiday cheer to our living room.

Meme Time – I don’t drink hard alcohol but perhaps this meme might change that? I guess Jack packs a hard enough punch that sugar is not needed. All joking aside, I always find it interesting when people find creative ways to show how much sugar is in some of our beloved drinks.

You don’t have to worry about Jack Daniels giving you cavities.

Fleets – Twitter has introduced multiple new features over the past year (still no edit button, though) but I think the latest rollout has garnered the social media channel the most buzz it has received since it went to 280 characters. Twitter jumped into the ephemeral messaging arena with Fleets, a feature that allows users to post content that disappears after 24 hours. It is a decent effort by Twitter to stay relevant and capitalize on a content-type that is wildly popular with Gen-Z, a demographic that people routinely say Twitter is out of touch with. I like that Fleets are accessible from the top of a user’s timeline and that you can use it to promote other tweets. However, I fear that it might just become a duplication wasteland for the Stories content that people are already posting on Facebook and Instagram. As per usual, I want to give the new feature some time before making a more definitive judgement.

Twitter rolled out Fleets this week.

Midnight – When the governor announced new restrictions on Sunday, he said that the bulk of them would take effect Monday at midnight. In my family text messaging thread, we started asking whether Monday at midnight meant a minute after 11:59 p.m. on Sunday or whether it meant a minute past 11:59 p.m. on Monday. After some internet research, we learned that Monday at midnight means the literal first minute of Monday. So, in other words, after Sunday at 11:59 p.m. times out, it is Monday at midnight. See below for the official explanation.

This explains that midnight begins a day, not ends it.


These COVID-19 vaccines with high efficacy rates sure make me feel better about things. Let’s not cease praying, however. We need the process of distributing them to be smooth and widespread. Thanks for reading. Don’t Blink.

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  1. Love your cereal story. When I was kid we got milk from a farm and rich cream on our cereal scooped from the top of the milk in the jug. It was so difficult to switch to milk later on.

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