Heading Backwards

The seemingly inevitable happened yesterday as the governor of Washington reinstated restrictions meant to curb growing Coronavirus cases in our state. Starting this week, indoor dining, bars, gyms, movie theaters, and a host of other entertainment options and services will be forced to close for four weeks. Essential services like grocery stores will be capped at 25% capacity.

Our state is shutting down again.

You don’t have to be a moderate to realize that the current situation we are in sucks. Cases are exploding, there is no denying that. Something needs to be done to prevent our hospitals from becoming overwhelmed. At the same time, the collective economic ramifications, and, more importantly, the toll on the common working person, will be extremely grim.

It doesn’t matter how you view COVID-19 or what you think the government should do, this is a no-win situation.

With that said, I am thankful that a couple things were spared yesterday when the restrictions were announced. Schools will remain open, meaning Sloan will continue to go to St. Mary Catholic School, a place she loves. Bigger picture, many students and parents in the state who need schools to be open will be accommodated.

Also, churches will remain open. In the Diocese of Spokane, it was proven without a doubt based on extremely low case numbers that masses could be celebrated in a safe and socially distanced manner. Although I know a lot more went into this decision than examining the success of the Diocese of Spokane, I am extremely grateful that we will be able to continue to worship on Sundays, especially as Advent draws near.

The next four weeks will undoubtedly be challenging for many. At the same time, hopefully these 28 days will decrease COVID cases and buy us time as a vaccine is prepared. We need to pray for progress and the triumph of modern medicine. Let’s turn a corner. Don’t Blink.

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