Tough to Say Goodbye

Early yesterday morning, my in-laws flew back to South Carolina. It was an extremely nice five days of relaxing and chatting. We played many games of Rummikub, watched a lot of football, and ate homecooked meals. It was so satisfying to see Sid’s parents spend time with Sloan and Beau after a long five months away from them.

My mother-inlaw with Sloan and Beau this past weekend.

I have great in-laws and I am thankful we got to spend so much quality time together. We all miss them so much already, especially Sidney.

My father-in-law with Sloan.

I don’t know if you call it a bond, connection, or understanding—but there is something that Sid and I both know a lot about. It is that void that exists when you live far away from your family and the overwhelmingly sad feeling you experience when you have to say goodbye after a visit.

These two had some fun baking cookies.

The reality is that we both come from very close families that happen to live on the opposite ends of the country. The math isn’t that difficult…if we are fortunate to live close to one of our families, it means we will be living very far away from the other. It was me who was away from my family at first and now it is Sid. The love we have for each other makes the arrangement possible but it definitely doesn’t make it easy.

For those who are a thousand miles or more from your family, you get it. Being isolated from those who share your blood can be depressing. Thus, when a visit is in the works, you can’t help but countdown the days until you are once again within hugging distance. Those first several moments are complete euphoria. After that, the feelings of happiness remain but the realization starts to creep in that you will soon have to part. No matter how hard you try not to acknowledge it, the thought is there.

Beau just about crawled for his gandparents while they were here.

Then comes the awful hour when you actually do have to say goodbye. It can be an extremely deflating feeling that will linger throughout the day, possibly extending for a couple more after that. However, things do get better and while the sadness dissipates, the happy moments from the visit don’t…and those are what you truly remember.

I will remember these smiling faces when I think about the past five days.

Sidney and I understand each other, especially the very tough dynamic that we have both faced with family living far away. We support each other and respect each other when we struggle with the void. We are blessed to have each other and blessed to have caring and loving families. Don’t Blink.

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