Ace Thursday Rundown

Happy October, everyone! Hope your first day of the month went well and that you are ready to cap it off with a Thursday Rundown. Here we go…

National Homemade Cookies Day – We decided to celebrate this “holiday” a couple days early. Growing up, it was a tradition for my mom to bake cookies for my siblings and I after our first day of school. My sister has passed on the tradition with her daughter and on Tuesday it lived on with Sloan. However, it wasn’t me that kept it going. My brother showed up at the house a couple hours after Sloan arrived home with a plate of cookies AND a plate of candy. The act of kindness came with a card marking our preschooler’s milestone. Thank you, Glen and Carrie!

THis week, my brother helped us celebrate National Homemade Cookies Day.

Hiding Out – I shared some of these photos on Instagram and Twitter but I thought they were blog worthy as well. Last Sunday we went shopping at Old Navy. Upon entering the store we split up as I took Sloan and Sid took Beau. For a  second I thought I lost my daughter but then realized she had jumped into the middle of the clothes rack. I took these photos of her scoping out the activity in the store as customers oblivious to the little monster hiding in the clothes walked by.

Sloan hid in a clothing rack at Old Navy on Sunday.

October FTW – I love October and I am especially excited this year because I will get to experience it in its authentic autumn form. Besides the pretty colors and crisp air, there is much more to look forward to such as Sid’s parents coming to visit, my birthday month, Halloween, and plenty of sports. Oh yeah, it is now acceptable for you all to go crazy on your pumpkin-flavored food and drink.

Sloan loves October too!

COVID Collaboration – Despite the campuses being in different states, Washington State University is just a few miles away from the University of Idaho. In fact, the towns of the two universities, Pullman and Moscow respectively, reside in a region called the Palouse. Earlier this week a public health campaign launched titled Two Cities, Two Universities—One Community. The effort is all about the towns and colleges working together to promote and recognize responsible behaviors meant to crush the curve. The marketing and communication offices at WSU and UI took the lead on getting this campaign off the ground with the social media teams playing large roles. UI’s social media manager, our social media manager (Matt Haugen), and I collaborated a lot over the past few weeks. We each took on different responsibilities with the paid social ads falling on my plate. It sure has been fun watching #PalouseUnity come together.

The Two Cities, Two Universities–One Community (#PalouseUnity) campaign has been fun to work on.

Debate Humor – Look, there isn’t much I can say about Tuesday night’s debate that hasn’t already been said. However, I can share one of the tweets about it that made me laugh out loud. As a Full House fan, this reference from Bob Saget, aka Danny Tanner, hit home.

This Bob Saget tweet would make anybody who watched “Full House” and watched Tuesday night’s debate laugh.


That’s it for tonight. Enjoy your autumn weekend and please remember to pray for the end of COVID-19. Don’t Blink.

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