Presidential Debate Fireworks

For those of us who love competition, the return of sports has helped to fill a void. However, if we are honest, it isn’t the same. Shortened seasons, empty stadiums, and canceled games have watered down the intensity of the competition that we are used to.

But don’t fret. If you count yourself as someone who doesn’t feel like your thirst for authentic competition is being quenched, just wait until tomorrow.

Tuesday night will mark the first presidential debate of this bitter election season. After what has been an extremely unconventional race up until this point, President Donald Trump and Joe Biden will meet in Cleveland to duke it out in front of a television audience that will reach 100 million people.

Biden and Trump will clash tomorrow night.

It has become my custom to write about this competitive spectacle every four years on the eve of the first debate. I did it in 2012 and again in 2016. To me, nothing compares to this unique spotlight that shines on the two people vying for the highest office in the country. The strategy, the preparation, and the attention to detail that culminates in a presidential debate is the ultimate 1-on-1 chess match.

Perhaps tomorrow’s debate will have even more luster than those of the past. As I mentioned above, people are craving a confrontation such as this. They are eager for a high stakes competition that has more on the line than prize money or an asterisk-labeled championship trophy. This country is ready for a primetime battle filled with viral moments. Who will rise to the top?

I know of many friends and family members who are hosting and attending debate gatherings (with social distancing of course). I think this is great! To see people engaged and excited for this American exercise in democracy is encouraging. I hope tomorrow’s debate can generate healthy and civil conversation as we look to either give President Trump a second term or allow Joe Biden to show us what he can do. Make it a priority to watch the debate tomorrow night, folks. Don’t Blink.

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