Mom and Dad

In the two months that Sloan has called the state of Washington home, she has started to become regionalized. One indication of this is how she addresses Sidney and I. Over the past several weeks she has phased out calling us “mommy” and “daddy.” Now, more often than not, she calls us “mom” and “dad.”

It is a little weird, I guess. While “mommy” and “daddy” are Southern monikers that are used by people from that region to refer to their parents over a whole lifetime, toddlers across the country also use them for a few years of their lives before graduating to more formal terms. Because Sloan had both going for her––Southern roots and being the ripe age of 3––I thought “mommy” and “daddy” might stick with her for a little longer. I was wrong.

Sloan is now calling us “mom” and “dad.’

In a way though, it shouldn’t come as a surprise. I address my parents as “mom” and “dad” and Sloan observes this multiple times each day. She also hears her aunt and uncle do the same thing. Sidney hates that Sloan has adopted these terms. She much rather her daughter call her “mommy.” Although there is something definitely endearing about a little girl calling her parents “mommy” and “daddy,” at least she is addressing us by appropriate, acceptable terms.

Well, perhaps I shouldn’t go that far.

While she isn’t calling us Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum, she doesn’t exactly always address us by a mother or father derivative. She is very much aware of our first names and takes delight at the annoyance in our faces when she calls us “Sidney” or “Brent.”

So, when I came across today’s Life’s Little Instruction, I couldn’t help but smile. I think the instruction was written in the first place because the author knew how cringe-worthy it sounds when a parent is called their first name by a young child. That’s why I like this calendar series so much, the people making it can relate!

This was today’s Life’s Little Instruction. It reminded me of Sloan!

From Sloan’s perspective, I think there are a couple reasons why she usually follows calling me “Brent” with a mischievous snicker. First, as I mentioned above, I think she savors the reaction it elicits out of me. Also, I believe she feels clever when she says it, almost like she has figured something out.

I guess I shouldn’t take what she calls me too personally. As long as I am relevant enough that she is addressing me in the first place, I should be content. Don’t Blink.

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