July Thursday Rundown

Good evening, everyone! Sorry for not writing much this week. However, there is no need to apologize to those who tell me they come to my blog just for the Thursday Rundowns. Well, that is where we are at again tonight…Five. Random. Topics.

Almost Home – Today marks two months since my family landed in Spokane to join me on this new life journey. The milestone will be followed by another one when we officially move into our new house this weekend. I will have more to say about this down the road but we are excited to finally move into a place of our own again. However, it will be bittersweet leaving my parents’ house. It is tough to adequately describe how welcoming and kind my mom and dad have been throughout these past several weeks. So while we are sad to leave their warm confines, we take solace in the fact that we will now be only 30 minutes away from them.

We will be moving into the left side of this brand new duplex.

Birthday Party – We celebrated my dad’s 63rd birthday on yet another gorgeous summer evening. We had a cookout on the back deck and topped it off with my favorite dessert that Sidney makes…candy bar cake! If you ever want to make something special for a loved one’s birthday, contact my wife and get her recipe for candy bark cake, you won’t regret it.

Riverfront Park – Spokane held the World’s Fair in 1974 and the green space that the event took place on is now known as Riverfront Park. After taking Sloan to the park during a visit to Spokane three years ago, we took her back this past weekend. She had a lot of fun playing on the giant red wagon, walking along the water, and feeding the garbage goat. Beau had a nice time too as he lounged with Sid in the shade.

TikTok Sensations – What happens when you have a couple toddlers and a 5-year-old perform a TikTok dance? Perhaps the cutest thing ever. Sloan and her cousins, Mikayla and Johnny, took a stab at one of the more popular dances on the platform. While Mikayla nailed it, the other two might need a little more practice. Seriously, watch it.

Tough Times for Bowling – They say that because of COVID-19, many bowling alleys (just like other businesses) might not survive. It would be a tough pill to swallow for both diehard leaguers and casual bowlers to lose their neighborhood alley. Does it stress me out? No. Two years ago on this date, I wrote about my feelings regarding the sport and the bowling experiences I enjoy most. To be honest, I choose to do other activities before play 10 frames.


Thank you all for reading my latest post. Let’s not forget to pray for those working ferociously to develop a vaccine for the coronavirus. Don’t Blink.

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