A Week Until My Family Arrives Thursday Rundown

No matter where you are reading this Thursday Rundown from tonight, I hope your quarantine is going the best it can. For those on the frontlines and behind the scenes working to keep us safe and defeat this virus, thank you. Let’s get to the five topics.

What a Crazy Four Months – Tonight we conclude the first “third” of 2020. That’s right, we are 33.33% of the way through the year. It doesn’t take a lowly blogger to tell you that this partial trip around the sun has already been like no other. Personally, it has been a crazy ride even without the Coronavirus. The blessings and challenges are numerous. Usually I will say that a year “went by fast,” but 2020 is entirely different. It already seems like 2020 has been a looooong year and we aren’t even to May yet. Can’t wait to check back in on August 31 as we evaluate the second “third” of the year.

The first third of 2020 that has been highlighted by a big move and a global pandemic.

Meaningful Gesture – I moved to Myrtle Beach six years ago. I made the memorable cross-country drive with my dad. He flew back west on April 29, 2014, but he left something that I would find the next day. The note he placed in my silverware drawer was worth much more to me than the $5.

My dad left me this note six years ago.

Side-By-Side – When I received this photo from my mother-in-law of Beau lounging on the bed, I thought I would compare it to a similar one of me as a baby. I think there is a minor resemblance but Beau is so much cuter than I was. I can’t wait until my family joins me a week from today!

Beau and I hanging out side-by-side.

Movie Recommendations – Over the past two weeks, I have watched more than 10 movies. I saw a couple Redbox films that I feel like you might enjoy. “Richard Jewell,” a movie that tells the story of the heroic security guard who was wrongly accused of plotting the Centennial Park bombing at the 1996 Atlanta Olympics, was much better than I anticipated. If you like good character development and remember anything about the 1996 Summer Games, you might want to give it a chance. Another option is “The Gentlemen,” an entertaining and suspenseful film that was bolstered by a star-studded cast. I think it is more of a “guy” movie but if you are craving action and a great ending, I think it can satisfy anyone. Out of the numerous movies I have watched on Netflix recently, I thought the 2012 Matt Damon film “Promised Land” was pretty good.

If you are a guy and like action, consider watching “The Gentlemen.”

Best Gift Card – We celebrated my future sister-in-law’s birthday this past weekend and I needed to pick up a present. I went to Walgreens looking for a gift card to Hobby Lobby or perhaps Dutch Bros. However, I canned those plans once I saw this Total Wine gift card. I guess it stood out to me just because I buy a lot of gift cards and I had never seen one to Total Wine before. Anyway, besides its novelty, I purchased it because, like it or not, Total Wine has been deemed an essential business. Now if I was using the gift card I would use it to purchase a six-pack of domestic beer but I know Carrie will put it to much better use!

A photo of Carrie on her birthday coupled with the Total Wine gift card we gave her as a present.


As we move forward in 2020, let’s continue to pray for a resolution to COVID-19. Enjoy the rest of your week and thanks for reading. Don’t Blink.

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